stuff about me:;

i'm more active on facebook - feel free to add me there

29, male, scottish (but living in japan since 2015)

i have twelve beautiful BJD babies called naoki, akiya, seiji, mélodie, Q, maya, florjan, ludwig, shinya, rei, regina and mcqueen~

mejibray/8P-SB koichi is my favourite, please talk to me about him or mejibray or other visual kei stuff in general.

there are pictures of me on my facebook if you want to see that stuff


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pug's journal

need new picture for here.

// stuff.



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Thank you for shopping!

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That's probably normal.
I come on here for a week or two every like 6 months lol.

It certainly has changed!

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hi puggy!~
how have you been?!

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Amarillo Sky

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Amarillo Sky

ALL the mood bubbles? I am impressed. Great job!
Pommes Frites

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Pommes Frites

also that comment had so many typos.
i'm embarrassed sweatdrop
i swear i'm literate when not on gaia
Pommes Frites

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Pommes Frites

Hi there!
just saw in a random forum that you once applied for jet~

I just got confirmation that my app was received and now my waiting beings ^-^;;

I was wondering what you thought was the reason you didn't get passed the interview was?
Your accent?
What questions stumped you?

What are you working with/as in Japan now?

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Are you still on here?
Do you remember me!? heart sweatdrop

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Hello! I liked your profile!
Have a nice day
Erosenin no tsuma

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Erosenin no tsuma

Konbanwa! Do you mind if I add you! We can talk Japan and visual kei ^^


avatar edit shop | ice pandora

i collected all the mood bubbles finally~
my avatar and i are male thanks

^don't take this, it was made for me by a friend