stuff about me:;

i'm more active on facebook - feel free to add me there

31, male, scottish (living in japan since 2015)

BJD babies: naoki, akiya, seiji, mélodie, Q, maya, florjan, ludwig, shinya, rei, regina, mcqueen

visual kei fan. favourite is mejibray (following trembling bambi stuff only for now) and small bands in western japan (アザレア/ワルアガキ, Z clear, some other stuff).

there are pictures of me on my facebook if you want to see that stuff


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pug's journal

need new picture for here.

// stuff.



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puggy! you're alive!
orasmic marshmallow

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orasmic marshmallow

long time no see !! so amazing to see you're living life in Japan !!!

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cool profile 3nodding

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Thank you for shopping!

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That's probably normal.
I come on here for a week or two every like 6 months lol.

It certainly has changed!

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hi puggy!~
how have you been?!

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ALL the mood bubbles? I am impressed. Great job!
Pommes Frites

Report | 11/14/2017 7:20 pm

Pommes Frites

also that comment had so many typos.
i'm embarrassed sweatdrop
i swear i'm literate when not on gaia
Pommes Frites

Report | 11/14/2017 7:19 pm

Pommes Frites

Hi there!
just saw in a random forum that you once applied for jet~

I just got confirmation that my app was received and now my waiting beings ^-^;;

I was wondering what you thought was the reason you didn't get passed the interview was?
Your accent?
What questions stumped you?

What are you working with/as in Japan now?


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i collected all the mood bubbles finally~
my avatar and i are male thanks

^don't take this, it was made for me by a friend