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About Me
-∙–∙­ ­‒∙∙-∙ ∙—∙-∙ ∙∙‒ ∙– -∙ ―

Hi, there! My name is Flavia and I'm 40. I am married to Cleber and we are proud parents of Pelucio (an elderly cat), Maha (who died in march 2020) and our forever-loved unborn baby (which we've lost in april 2020). I love colors, rainbows, pixel art and other arts, design, architecture, victorian age, steampunk, a sort of different music styles, mysteries, investigation, forensics, psychology, psychiatry. Currently doing college to get my Interior Design degree!

Short Biography
-∙–∙­ ­‒∙∙-∙ ∙—∙-∙ ∙∙‒ ∙– -∙ ―

I'm creative and introverted person, who likes drawing, painting, writing some stories, be successful (like all billions of people in this world, lol), and play sandbox type games, sudoku and cryptograms! I love arts, internet, my family and be myself just the way I am! And did I mentioned that I confused? Well, I am. And my english sux a lot. Sorry for that!

-∙–∙­ ­‒∙∙-∙ ∙—∙-∙ ∙∙‒ ∙– -∙ ―

All images and codes presente here are created by me, unless stated otherwise. Do not copy anything presented at this profile. If you have any questions, please contact me by PM or leave a comment here at this profile. Thank you!


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mayuralover Report | 01/21/2024 10:27 am

*hugs* Thanks for the comment, Flavia heart
Just the usual work woes. The stress.... but i'm just taking it a day at a time.

sinslug Report | 01/11/2024 10:37 am
oh sure you can pm me! mrgreen
sinslug Report | 01/10/2024 7:56 pm
oh heheh xp
sinslug Report | 01/10/2024 5:33 pm
I LOVE the art in ur sig omg, can I know who's the artist??
sinslug Report | 12/30/2023 11:29 am
omg THANK you! in a cute mood lol <3 uwu Yours is ethereal as always~ love the sleepy pose and the colors wow. heart
gurokawa kaijuu Report | 12/23/2023 2:07 pm
gurokawa kaijuu
thank you so much for all the favorites!! emotion_kirakira heart
danmei Report | 12/23/2023 12:25 pm
i tend to focus a lot on the titter, kaguya, blossomed cap, empress, foxfire bride are keywords i use to look for items!
some can be a little pricey like "noh" items.
SuzuiChan Report | 12/12/2023 10:35 am
thank you for buying heart
girl who fell to earth Report | 09/28/2023 4:29 pm
girl who fell to earth
i knew that lol, i have been good,how are things with you? whats new in Gaia these days?
girl who fell to earth Report | 09/27/2023 10:59 pm
girl who fell to earth
hello!! purple?


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