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The names Kelly. I'm twenty one years old. I have a loving family and awesome friends. I could not ask for anything more. I am very emotional about certain government issues and will express my emotions whenever I feel the need. If you do not want me to rant and ramble, avoid political or religious talks at all times, unless, of course, you want me to. I'm very serious when it comes to morals and family values. I love soft, cute and cuddly things. I say "Awww" a lot. I live for comfort and would die for comfort if I had to. I'm a complete internet junkie. You name it, I've most likely visited that page at least once. I tumble and stumble. I have a Vampirefreaks and a Facebook account. If you want to add meh, send me a p.m.

My music varies from Anything with a good bass beat to Classic rock like the Grateful Dead. I blame my parents for this... stare

Things I Adore
Rubber duckies. Pajamas. Colorful lights. Mushrooms. Kittehs. Computers. Music. Body Modifications. Nature. Stars. Candles. Incense. Classic black and white TV shows. Long walks. Nature. Animals. Comfy couches. Snuggling. Magnolia trees. Road trips.


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Panther514 Report | 04/04/2012 9:01 am
hi honey. *purrs*
MrLoveSolver25 Report | 01/19/2011 2:52 am
ha. i'm listening to necromantix. XD oh yes. 3nodding
MrLoveSolver25 Report | 12/28/2010 8:38 pm
ha niiiice.
MrLoveSolver25 Report | 12/22/2010 1:49 am
ha..if i remember i will...
MrLoveSolver25 Report | 12/22/2010 1:03 am
indeed. today i have 40 views all together so far. ha.
Joshua v1 Report | 12/21/2010 9:51 pm
Joshua v1
its ok ^^ smile
Joshua v1 Report | 12/21/2010 7:50 pm
Joshua v1
can i buy your bubu for 100k pls
MrLoveSolver25 Report | 12/21/2010 3:01 am
ha. dude it was nearly 3 min...2:52 XD its pretty short actually..and of course i had to add the horse man...they teamed up together to create the video...i havent filmed him yet...until long as your not one of them ppl who watches only like half a video...and clicks out...ha...i can understand with my banana video...its the same crap over and over...and its like almost 5 min long...ha..but yea it was fun...i wish more ppl would stop being lazy and watch it...i want more views..i should have alot of views..i only have like 2 views....i viewed it 5 times,,,so it says 7...and ive been posting it like crazy on fb all day....kinda got disgusted by the damn ppl on there that havent even bothered to care to click on it and watch thanks for watching it. XD
MrLoveSolver25 Report | 12/21/2010 2:51 am
ha. well what did ya think?...did you laugh? was it funny? details...ha XD
MrLoveSolver25 Report | 12/21/2010 2:11 am
no not really...havent been on gaia much.. watch my new video dude! tell me what you think..i need more views...




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