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Birthday: 01/18

Nickname: Preußen
Sex: Male
Birthday: It's too long ago, I can't remember...
Bloodtype: A seems to be the majority
Self introduction: Sexy man
Likes: Old Fritz, eating, sleeping, fighting

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Awesome music! >D

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Cool people

The Doctor is IN. April 1st(Wed)

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Doctor Awesome is here! Anyone need a check-up? ;]

Mein Gott! April 1st (Wed)

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He's so adorable! Verdammt can I have him please Austria!? I'd do (almost) anything for him!

Hurry it up priss April 1st (Wed)

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I certain AUSTRIAN won't get this if he doesn't get here on time...

Woah 2009 April 1st (Wed)

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Blowing things up is cool. :O

It's getting late.... 2009 April 1st (Wed)

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Been chatting with War for awhile, dammit I'm tired...

SOME ONE TALK TO ME 2009 April 1st (Wed)

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I'm so bored that I forced myself to take pictures of my birds. There is just one more on my head. I'll take a picture of that later.


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Apostle Edel Blau Report | 08/25/2013 5:18 pm
Apostle Edel Blau
(( Whoa you're on! =D Haven't talked to you since last year. ))
RikaSuoh Report | 06/19/2012 10:35 pm
*Rika waits nervously behind a corner for Prussia to appear* He usually walks this way right? I just want to see him.. he's my idol after all. No no, not idol I think I've actually fallen for this guy.
Apostle Edel Blau Report | 01/15/2012 11:13 am
Apostle Edel Blau
-Another blush crosses her features from the compliments-

Y-you're kind to say so, but it's rather rare if I get my two cents in whenever in a meeting with other nations, even when I do have something to say.
A-Alfred usually manages to speak over me.
Apostle Edel Blau Report | 01/15/2012 10:50 am
Apostle Edel Blau
-She looks doubtful at first, but eventually smiles timidly back-

Thank you though, for the earlier kind words. I'm just not used to it...not many countries, apart from the few I'm close to, notice me.
Apostle Edel Blau Report | 01/15/2012 9:54 am
Apostle Edel Blau
O-oh, I'm sorry. ;;

I know you were just trying to be nice...I-I appreciate the kind words and all, but...

-She returns her gaze back to him, looking up at the other guiltily, apologetically-

I-I really am sorry if I offended you.
Apostle Edel Blau Report | 01/15/2012 9:28 am
Apostle Edel Blau
-She stares up at him for a moment, blush reddening, before looking away in embarrassment-

D-d'accord. If you say so.
N-now, if you wouldn't mind, c-could you please let me go? ;;
Apostle Edel Blau Report | 01/14/2012 5:06 pm
Apostle Edel Blau
Th-that's good to hear.

-Squeaking quietly when he pulls her closer, she blushes darkly and looks down-

I-I'm sorry. I don't m-mean to be - I-I just can't help it. ;;
Apostle Edel Blau Report | 01/14/2012 12:04 pm
Apostle Edel Blau
-She smiles faintly up at the older man-

I'm doing alright. How have you been?
Apostle Edel Blau Report | 01/13/2012 6:07 pm
Apostle Edel Blau
S-salut Prussia.~
ImTheMonsterInYourCloset Report | 11/23/2011 3:12 pm