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#include "stdafx.h"
#include <iostream>
#include <string>
using namespace std;
#define PI 3.1415926535389793

void main()
//introducing self.
cout<<"Hey everyone. I am Ji-Li. If you can't tell I am a programmer.n";
//waits for response
string response;
cout<<response<<" response?n";
//forces response to happen
response = "YAY!";
cout<<"Good. Better say yay.... >.>............. so anyways in particular I create games.";
//await response
cout<<response<<".....empty again? what you say you want me to make a game right here? Sorry I'm busy. Anyways. I also like drawing and I can be friendly so don't be afraid to talk to me. Although I am not on that much so it may take a gooooooooooooood long while to respond. I been spending my days making programs to learn skills for games or actually making games. Anyways that sums up me......btw you can call me pi. That's PI as in "<<PI<<endl;


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YU NARUKAMl Report | 01/24/2015 8:34 am
Reno Takamiya Report | 10/08/2014 4:45 pm
Reno Takamiya
No worries. I've just signed up for Skype, but do you need to have to download it to have the messenger on your computer? I really only need it for that if I'm not making actual Skype calls.
Reno Takamiya Report | 10/07/2014 12:40 am
Reno Takamiya
Well, like I’ve explained before, the Algebra and Geometry teacher I had before also knew about my sister and she has the same disability as me. But I also think that I’m slightly smarter than her, and might have a higher IQ since she’s always asking me questions about grammar, counting out change, what words mean etc. Even though, I always try to make her count out the change herself. Only because you can’t exactly learn if you’re having someone else do it for you all the time. I like drawing as well but I’m not the best at it although having hand tremors might also affect that. I’m really good at tracing over a picture and then transferring it to something else though. That’s what I used to do a lot when I had an art class or I’d actually draw by hand the cover of my art book/sketch pad which had a dog drawing a fire hydrant on it. By the way, I actually wouldn’t be surprised if schooling is actually archaic in some ways. I’m only saying that because I’ve heard how they still happen to use textbooks that happen to be very old. Then you also have how the school’s district wants it taught to the students a certain way. In the end, they also compare their tests results with the rest of the world at least in the US and especially compare it to Japan who are always on top when it comes to test scores. I always imagine that the Japanese laugh at other countries low test scores.

I’m sure that it is normal but it’s still interesting to say the least. For all the knowledge I have when it comes to video games, I still have no idea what the different specs in consoles, handhelds or PC’s even mean. Obviously I can tell which gives the best graphics but graphics aren’t everything. People happen to say it’s so easy and there’s also sites to tell you (which I happen to use) but I’ve never been able to tell what’s worse or what’s better just off the top of my head. I’ve only ever seen those dragon toes or even longer when it comes to the Guinness Book Of World Records. Or from watching a show on TV called “My Strange Addictions” which range from eating the inside of pillows, only cleaning themselves with baby wipes, and growing out your toenails as long as you can and many other strange addictions hence the name. Personally, I’ve had ingrown toenails at least 4 or 5 times and ended up in a podiatrist or doctors office to take care of them. Not very fun having them and same goes for the healing process afterwards. Granted, it’s better to have them removed than keep them. Yeah, I can see how blood leaking out can be a problem. Especially with all those diseases that are transferred via blood and skin contact or another open wound.

Hopefully I can end up with someone like you did. But first, I still have to make the first move and meet people. Also I hope I end up with someone who can respect me and my interests or who I talk to. I don’t want to end up with someone who’s judgmental or demanding of me. Even though, I’m not that picky myself. I’m just a laid-back kind of person and I know it’s all about compromise. I want to find someone who likes me for me. I’m also a big fan of the architectural buildings in Asia and what I’ve seen in documentaries of their culture and Anime. The goodies they also have are pretty great as well. Pocky, Yan Yan etc. They actually have some candy/goodies imported from Japan at Wal-Mart that I’ve tried on occasion. I’ve even taken the time to learn what food and other various things about Asia but specifically the Japanese. Don’t you worry, I’m a big believer in common sense and I can tell the difference between fiction and reality. I’m not one to let any one thing take over my whole life.
Reno Takamiya Report | 10/06/2014 8:24 pm
Reno Takamiya
Hmm, could be. Although, I was shown how to do it either step by step or the fastest and most simplistic way possible. Either way, I could figure out the problems for a little while after, but I’d still proceed to ask for help from the teacher, or she’d tell another kid to go over and help me out. Anyway, even after I was shown how to do it I actually still don’t know how to do it myself now at all. It might also be because it’s been a few years since I’ve had a math class, but I also didn’t retain the information or the way it was shown to me now or as I did back then either. There’s no doubting that people with mental/physical disabilities can get smarter and/or prevail over what they have and could probably be smarter than others. I know that some autistic savants (even though I’m not autistic) can be really smart. My reading comprehension has always been higher than others for my age but then you have my downside which is math but everyone has their flaws. Yeah, muscle memory can be a great thing. If only it also worked outside of when I’m typing or video games. I can actually recall anything that has to do with game politics, what happens in them, story, game articles, etc. Pretty easily. Actually, even after seeing that, I still have no idea about the relation of programming and Algebra.

I haven’t seen any feet disorders besides in pictures. My parents actually have dry skin and toenail fungus but my Dad’s is actually the worst out of the two. I myself have dry skin on my heels, side of my big toes or the side of my ankles. Yeah, I’d expect that it would be when I’m always seeing them wearing face masks. I’m not sure if any of the nail techs I’ve seen wear any type of gloves though. Those must be some “diseases” that secrete from the skin or something if they find themselves in the water. Even I have my passions but I don’t obsess over them or get to a place where they’d harm those around me. Then again, they aren’t exactly the type of passions that would get serious if they even wanted to. Now that’s just wrong and I’d never do that to anyone. Even I want to go visit Japan someday but I’ve still seen that they aren’t a big fan of gaijin (foreigners) in some places. I’m interested in Anime, Japanese games and their culture but not to the extent that I want to be a weeabo or wapanese (westernized Japanese) as some people call it. But yeah, there are some “passions” that can become not just a problem for that person but those around them.
Reno Takamiya Report | 10/06/2014 4:21 pm
Reno Takamiya
Yeah, I’ve already said that I’m good/great with logic and puzzle solving. In my case, I’d still say that memorization is a huge part of my learning, or at least rote learning, which is a memorization technique based on repetition. I’m starting to wonder if I actually have an issue when it comes to “rote learning” and at least with the Math side of rote learning if that’s possible. Since I’ve already explained about my intellectual disability which I pretty much stopped retaining math after most multiplication facts. But yeah, people do memorize things at different rates. I’m a huge example of that especially with what I have. The only Algebra I really liked was taking the “word form” of the equation and actually changing it into a “numbered form and it’s formula” equation (no idea what they’re called) since that was easy enough even for me and I learned to do it pretty quickly. I’m sure I could learn anything or at least get better at it if I did it over and over again. For example, I know where all the buttons are on my controllers and handhelds without looking and I can type on a keyboard without looking at the letters as well.

Yeah, I’m sure there are some illegal nail techs out there. I’ve heard a news story about a guy who still practiced dentistry on people even though his license got revoked. So, I’m not really all that surprised by that. The only nail salon I’ve been at is in the local Wal-Mart, but I don’t really get my nails or feet done. It’s only my Mother who uses them but so far they’ve been great. I’ve seen TV shows about nail techs and how serious the chemicals and the health regulations can be but that’s still surprising. Ah, I can see why you don’t want to visit when your Father and those other family members who don’t exactly appreciate you are there. Yeah, there’s actually a term for that which happens to be “Weeabo” where basically people want to be Japanese even though they aren’t. I’d never take it to those extremes as some people do though.
Reno Takamiya Report | 10/06/2014 12:33 am
Reno Takamiya
No worries, I tend to type too much as well. With that whole “limit” thing on Gaia’s messages I tend to try and shorten them down as well. Well, I wouldn’t say that math doesn’t take any remembering at all. Or at least in my case it takes a lot longer to learn the formula’s used in long division, algebra and geometry. I actually still have no idea about the formulas used in long division, algebra and geometry even though I took those classes. I still don’t even know most of my multiplication facts by heart but I know all of my subtraction and addition facts. What I really hate though are those story problems. For example, “If a train from New York City is traveling 46mph and the wind is going 56mph how long will it take to get to it’s destination.” I haven’t had the chance of taking any type of physics so I can’t share anything there. Yeah, I’m sure when the time comes you’ll be lucky enough to have a baby. Here’s hoping! When it comes to a fuller story, I think Dragon Age: Origins is the better game but I think Dragon Age: Inquisition is supposed to have the best of both Origins and Dragon Age: 2 from what I’ve heard/read. I haven’t played Dragon Age: Origins in a while either and same goes for Dragon Age 2. I probably should at least play Dragon Age 2 again if I want to import my saves into Inquisition when it comes out.

Yeah, I’m sure nail techs/cosmetologists know what they’re doing. I’ve just heard that the chemicals they use can be serious stuff. I’m sure they also need their expertise in cleaning/sterilization to hide the evidence of the crime scene! Haha, just kidding. So, how many health risks can occur as a nail tech can it be anything serious? Yeah, I’m sure it was a big house and most likely was like a mansion. The only thing I never understood is how some people and mostly celebrities will go out and purchase huge mansions with like 32 bathrooms and 42 bedrooms or whatever and there’s only a few people living in the house. Seems like a waste of money to me for so much not used. Is there a reason why you feel like you won’t visit their house again? Yeah, I’m not that picky about voice acting either. However, I’ve seen so many people say that all English dubs are horrible and Japanese voices are the only way to watch! I can’t exactly totally get behind that. Yep. You’re talking to a guy who plays a lot of JRPG’s so I know how long they can take. When you look at Akiba’s Trip from it’s concept it actually makes more sense. The main character and the people you’re attacking are called “synthesizers” which are also a varation of vampires so you have to rip off their clothes and expose their skin to the sun. It’s still a very strange concept but it makes more sense if you look at it that way.
Reno Takamiya Report | 10/05/2014 2:40 am
Reno Takamiya
Agreed. I believe that any child’s life is worth it. I’m sure programming does pay well later on seeing on how you always talk about a higher salary at where you’re currently working at. I find it a bit interesting that you have problems remembering but you’re able to remember and teach math so well to people. That in itself takes quite a while to learn for some or at least more in my case. I used to have a problem talking on the phone but I’ve gotten better about it. I usually call up GameStop or I’ll talk to anyone in my family who calls before I hand the phone off to whoever else they want to talk to. I still hate talking to strangers either on the phone or in real life unless spoken to. Especially when it’s a large group of people. I’m also interested in getting Neptunia Rebirth 1 on the Vita. Yeah, I also switch games way too often but Murdered: Soul Suspect kept me hooked until the end and I finished it. I really only switch between games but occasionally if I have to take a book back to the library I might get another one since someone else might have it on “hold” and want to read it.

Ah, I see. That was the first time hearing about IDE’s and most of that so I felt like asking. I really only know about Unity and Flash. I’m sure you do want to give birth to a child but if you can’t then there are always other options. But I do hope that get what you want in the end. Hopefully you end up getting better from all your medical illnesses and can end up giving birth to a baby. My brother, sister and I were all born by caesarean section or C-section for short. There was also a miscarriage and we slightly joke that it was actually me but I wasn’t ready at the time. I like the combat in Dragon Age 2 more than I do Origins but the romance system in Origins is better than Dragon Age 2. I just like the challenge that Origins had which the sequel didn’t when it came to romance. But after playing the sequel I couldn’t get back into Origins because of the faster combat in Dragon Age 2. Yeah, I’ve heard that the chemicals of being a nail tech and/or in a salon can be serious. I’ve actually heard that some of the stuff they use can be borderline illegal/serious stuff. I’m sure it depends on a lot of things on how well you do though. I haven’t been to a mansion over here but my family actually knows the Marriott’s who own The Marriot hotel chain. If you’ve ever heard of them or seen the hotels around. They actually do have a nice/big looking house though that I’ve been to.

I don’t mind either but I personally prefer English dub more. Unless it’s someone like Yuri Lowenthal who I liked as Yosuke in Persona 4 and Ben Tennyson in the cartoon Ben 10 but when he does a foreign accent he’s horrible at it. Yuri Lowenthal actually voices NPC’s in Dragon Age Origins and since he can’t do foreign accents you can easily tell who it is if you’re listening. Personally, I’m more a fan of English voice actors who can do multiple voices and not just one. But even then there are some people who are still great with just one iconic voice. Haha, seems like an interesting bet. I’d love to go to the pet store myself again. I don’t think I’ve ever tried Korean BBQ of any kind. Just looked up CodeAcademy and that’s another new thing I’ve learned but don’t know anything about. Hopefully you end up winning the bet this time around and if you end up choosing a game you could check out either of the games I’ve previously suggested. But finishing 3 whole games sounds like it might be a while unless they’re all short games. By the way, have you heard of Akiba’s Trip on the Vita/PS3? I haven’t played it yet but I’m interested.
Reno Takamiya Report | 10/01/2014 10:41 pm
Reno Takamiya
Yeah, in your case, I can see why you'd try your best. We just happened to have two different types of parents, and sadly I wish families were a bit nicer to each other. I've heard too many stories about Parents not being all that great with their kids. And most of the time, it just makes me sick. If anything, you got great grades in the past and they were not horrible/failing and I wish you had been treated better. I already shared some of my bad experiences that I wish never happened, but you live and you learn from them. Most likely, but I think it's a bit harder on people who have difficulties with learning. I mean, I'm sure it also happens to the more "normal" students, even I'm higher-functioning, but I still needed some extra help. I've seen some people who helped me with Math but I'm sure they weren't that great in some type of field or even outside in real life with social situations or whatever. I can only speculate but not that many people are "geniuses" and have an IQ as high of 200+ and can solve anything and everything. By the way, I ordered Valhalla Knights 3 now I just have to wait. Speaking of logic solutions, reminds me of The Incredible Machine on PC. Had many a good time with it!

Yeah, that skin rash I had cleared up years ago. I started developing another one a while ago after having my coughing fit which I still have but that rash seems to have gone away. I actually tripped on a family-outing recently and I bruised the middle of my back which hurt for at least two weeks. I'm just glad that I didn't break anything and didn't have to sit on one of those inflatable donuts/flotation devices. How basic is basic? I'm at a 5th or 6th grade level in Math and probably know most of my multiplication facts by heart but that's about it. I only ever took Algebra and Geometry in Math class but I never really did understand/retain all of it. I probably remember more than I'm aware of and I probably need to brush up on some of it. IDE? What's that? I'm aware of the acronym meaning "Integrated development environment" but I have no idea what it's for, or how it works. Well, if you can't physically have a child there are always other options like adoption/surrogacy. Either way, I hope it all works out for you in the end.

I've only ever skimmed through a Dragon Age encyclopedia on the series/world. Outside of playing the actual games that is. I'm sure cosmetologists/nail techs make enough to live on if they're ready and willing and get enough business. As for employer benefits, I have no idea about that. I usually read some of those Young Adult novels like Fablehaven, The Edge Chronicles and W.A.R.P which I’m currently reading right now. Once in a while, I'll take the time to read a Manga or series like Eyeshield 21 or Toradora! I mostly prefer watching Anime though. I actually started watching Sword Art Online: Extra Edition with Japanese/English subs. I'm usually more a fan of English dub since I never grew up with multiple languages but this is actually alright as long as the action doesn't get too fast and I can't keep up with it. I think I might also start up watching Sword Art Online II with Japanese/English subtitles. I stopped paying attention to the TV's in GameStop unless it's something new. The commercials loop too much and I just mock them and so do the employee's. Same I stick with whatever I have in my Gaia inventory or on me right now. It's always life/health that seems to be the most expensive. Hopefully that medication does help out with your situation. You could always suggest Murdered: Soul Suspect and/or Deadly Premonition to your boyfriend and watch and see how he likes it. That is if both of you have the time outside of work/game backlogs.
Reno Takamiya Report | 09/30/2014 7:27 pm
Reno Takamiya
Agreed. Trying your best is all that matters to me. If you ever make a mistake and/or fail, then you just pick yourself up and figuratively brush yourself off and try and try again. While I was in school all that mattered was that I was getting passing grades from either a D to an A and never an F for failing. My Parents didn’t worry about me being a "genius" and getting all straight A's every time on my report card. Also, having me exposed to the teacher’s curriculum was more important than it was actually retaining it because of my difficulties. I still learned a lot of stuff from school that I actually retained over the years but I didn't exactly understand/retain all of it. That's why I'd ask the Teacher after or during class and if it was actually too hard then I'd transfer out of that class. That wasn't worth the extra stress put on me that I already get from what I have to deal with personally myself. I actually ended up with a stress caused skin rash one year during Middle School because I was too stressed. We tried to make it easier on me by trying to do half-days at school but the principal wouldn't have that. And when I left, to do home schooling for that one year, they actually came out and said "We'll allow you to do half-days!" A little too late Mr. Principal.

Ah, that's interesting to hear. I always thought that programming had a lot to do a lot with Math and/or numbers but that seems to not be the case. I'm already pretty great when it comes to logic. I'm wondering that if I ever became a Father if I could pass on my disability and whatever bad family traits I already have. I don't know the actual "chance" of that happening but I'm sure it's possible. Yeah, I know, I was just joking to not lose too much weight. Don't want you to look like one of those people who have their bones showing up through their skin. I had an idea that they took commissions. I only asked because one of my teacher’s had someone in their family who went into cosmetology and is actually great at it and makes a living. If I had to guess I'd say it's because they get a lot of business. Yep I also heard that as well from that same teacher about them being able to do nails. The only video game novel I ever read was based off the Fable games but I never finished it. I saw some Resident Evil books at a thrift shop for like $1 or $3 but I never got them but they might be interesting so I might order them later on. I probably did but I just wanted to make sure if I did or didn't wish you a happy birthday.

By the way, I finished Murdered: Soul Suspect the other day and that’s another game I’d suggest after already suggesting Deadly Premonition if you’re interested after you make your backlog smaller. I’m actually trying to cosplay on Gaia as the main character Ronan O'Connor. Fedora/Interstellar Bounty items on Gaia are too expensive. That does sound serious you pretty much need your esophagus to stay alive. Reminds me of the time I had oral surgery on my mouth as a kid and had 6 baby teeth removed at once. I was told that even after I was under anesthesia I woke up during the middle of it and swallowed blood but I had no remembrance of it happening. I’m pretty sure that I still have ‘1’ Baby tooth. I also have a slight gap in my teeth from my brother pushing me into a wall as a kid for some reason. Sometimes it really bothers me and I know I need to get braces. I’m like a shark! But I’m also waiting for a promotion for cheap braces and one of those “Get a free Xbox ONE or PS4 with braces!” Yeah, I hope one day it goes away as well for you and that it doesn’t mean anything worse down the line.
Reno Takamiya Report | 09/28/2014 10:17 pm
Reno Takamiya
Yeah, you're right, but it's even harder on people who actually have a disability/disorder that hampers their learning. I can certainly prevail over it and try to make it to where I'm better about learning and retaining, but I can't exactly "cure" it in a sense, since that means taking a part of my Brain out that is causing the issue. I'd rather take the time to control it via medicine when I remember, than I would go through with major surgery. Sometimes I actually wish that I was better at Math so I didn't exactly have to ask others for help since I'm shy and all. Luckily I happened to have a Math teacher that my Sister also had so she already knew what she was getting into with teaching me. Really? I didn't know that about you. I always love a good book as well. I'm pretty sure it's a given already that you're great with Math if you happen to be a programmer.

Yeah, I hate vomiting and it's also annoying when I'm not even sick with the flu or something else. When I'm actually eating dinner with my family, it’ll get to a point where I start feeling strange afterwards and I'll be like “I'm done.” Then I'll have to go sit down or take a drink of water because I start coughing for some reason. Which either leads me to waiting until my stomach settles or sitting down so I don't end up losing anything. Depression is another family history trait that I know about but I don't exactly think I've ever had it. I actually think it's better to know what's affecting you than not knowing what is causing you those symptoms. Regardless, a pound or more lost is better than nothing. Just don't lose so much weight that you end up blowing away in the breeze!

Is being a nail tech actually a great paying job? I know that going into the cosmetology field can be but that's about it. You're 24 now? Last time we talked you were 23 and that was after I graduated from High School. Did I somehow miss a birthday or even wish you a Happy Birthday? If I did or didn't, well, Happy Birthday again! Yeah, I bet you'll be great as a Mother! Speaking of carbs, my Mother is actually pre-diabetic now or at least she knew she was and she's been counting the carbs that she's eating now. I joked today that she should go down to Las Vegas or a Casino where they have people who "Count Cards" but in her case it's carbs. It's just a little play on words that I did. Hopefully you end up getting it treated before it gets any worse.


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