This account used to primarily be for roleplay!

Now I'm just me!

I don't have it in me to change my profile, though, so I'll keep it as is.

Your name is ERIDAN AMPORA. You are DEAD. It is impossible for you to be ANY MORE DEAD than you are right now. But honestly, you're PRETTY OKAY with it. Right now you are just BIDING YOUR TIME within the DREAM BUBBLES.

Flowing through your veins is one of the highest castes in the hemospectrum, making you ROYALTY. Its importance to you has not changed a bit in the last TWO SWEEPS since you were killed, although your overpowering GENOCIDE COMPLEX has subsided quite considerably. People still look upon you as A BIT OF AN a*****e, and as much as you act like you don’t care, you sort of do.

First off, you would like to say that you are SORRY, but that is not to be confused with REGRETFUL. You don't regret a SINGLE THING YOU DID. You realize now that you were a BLINDED FOOL.

Actually, you probably should explain yourself a little bit more first.

You would be considered penultimate on the hemospectrum. As such, you are a SEA DWELLER, a sub-race of troll distinct from the commoners by mutation and habitat, a caste which rules over the entire species.

But ruling, in your view, is not enough. You have an overpowering GENOCIDE COMPLEX, and have made it your sworn duty to KILL ALL LAND DWELLERS. You have amassed resources and deadly weaponry from around the world for this ambition through many sweeps of EXTREME ROLE PLAYING, while pursuing a working DOOMSDAY DEVICE which will bring armageddon to all those on the surface. Haven't had much luck with that, but maybe tonight's your night.

You hold a fascination for MILITARY HISTORY AND LEGENDARY CONQUERORS. You have dubiously modeled your profile and exploits after the most notorious figures and their stories, which are bristling with the GLORY OF VICTORY and the STING OF DEFEAT and POLITICAL MACHINATIONS and ROMANTIC INTRIGUE. It is an image you are careful to craft through EXAGGERATED EMOTIONAL THEATRICS, and your penchant for mass murder notwithstanding, people tend to regard you as a BIT OF A TOOL.

You also like MAGIC, even though you know it to be FAKE. Like a made up friend, the way wizards are. Made up make believe FAKEY FAKEY FAKES. It's still fun though.

Your trolltag is caligulasAquarium and you speak wwith a vvery wweird and sort of wwavvy soundin accent.

Your QUADRANTS are sadly no better off than they had been when you were younger, as much as you’ve tried to fill them. Because of this you are sort of DEPRESSED, and PESSIMISTIC on them ever getting filled at this point.