Hey my fellow gaians as sum of u may know I can be nice n I can be a b***h. But I always look sexy!! I'm currently available but that just might change today. And 4 all of they lezbos n bi girls (no offense) I'm straight. The reason that I say this is because I've had a couple of girls ask me out. I never was n never will be into that. N if a guy likes girls n guys that wont work 4 me either. I personally dont believe in the whole bi thing. Either u like d**k or p***y u cant like both. Its impossible. But anyway back 2 me. I dont like fake people. I dont have time 4 games either. Hoes, hores, n skanks, ya'll bring problems tht i dont need so just stay away. N stalkers just go away. I've delt wit u before n never again will I wanna. Well thts all about me so DUCESZ!!!

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haku723 Report | 07/27/2010 12:05 pm
thx 4 buyin
jackyiswacky Report | 05/02/2010 4:36 pm
hey, add my new account swinglog biggrin !
XxXCeltics Will RawrXxX Report | 08/31/2009 3:01 am
XxXCeltics Will RawrXxX
Thanks for buying biggrin
How are you?
SilverWindMule Report | 08/30/2009 7:19 am
Thank you for buying at my store and please come again.
Ultra princess_867 Report | 05/04/2009 3:59 pm
Ultra princess_867
true that true that lol ^^
Ultra princess_867 Report | 04/28/2009 12:01 pm
Ultra princess_867
lol k do u have a gmail o u know mia and them goin to come back all showin off
Ultra princess_867 Report | 04/28/2009 11:56 am
Ultra princess_867
heyy add meh
wolf demon 222 Report | 03/31/2009 7:39 pm
wolf demon 222
whats up
wolf demon 222 Report | 03/31/2009 7:38 pm
wolf demon 222
sassyprincessnc2 Report | 03/03/2009 5:09 pm
hey, wats up?
Ultra princess_867