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Rita the Dragon Queen Report | 01/07/2021 7:34 am
love the self portrait Tem
Evaman Des Report | 07/22/2011 8:05 am
Haiiii Potemkin, I don't have my ps3 with me (and won't for a couple more months probably), but if you wanna add me, my PSN is Brewstery
Estiven Report | 09/28/2010 7:09 am
hey men con tus amigos de gringolandia podrias conseguirme unos cuantos codigos de dr pepper es una bebida y en las tapas tiene una numeracion que es lo que me interesa...ya sabes dile a los gringous que te consigan eso y despues hablamos...
Strawberry Kamikaze Report | 08/27/2010 7:31 pm
I like apple pie. lol
Strawberry Kamikaze Report | 08/26/2010 6:44 pm
You're welcome.
How is life treating you?
Strawberry Kamikaze Report | 08/26/2010 9:41 am
Well damn.
Happy birthday.
Strawberry Kamikaze Report | 08/26/2010 3:15 am
I thought you graduated?
Strawberry Kamikaze Report | 08/25/2010 7:33 pm
Busy with what?
Strawberry Kamikaze Report | 08/24/2010 9:41 am
I really do miss you. Happy early birthday, sweetheart
Strawberry Kamikaze Report | 08/09/2010 5:06 pm
By calling me a liar, you're calling yourself a liar