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Gender: Female

Birthday: 04/22


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I'm a 25 year old
whose 50% flirty but also 50% anxious.

Find me in the CB and we can be best friends

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Call me Lain /leɪn/
(past participle of lie)

I've been on this website for too long.
I like to stalk the CB and collect cute arts.
I give away items sometimes.

Fun Facts:
25 years of age.
Univeristy student.
Coffee lover.

Let's be best friends! emotion_kirakira


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Yokies Report | 12/09/2014 6:12 pm
Dang that sounds really nice. ;3 Having two bathrooms is always good. xD
And yay for three rooms~

It sounds like things are going really well.
The son and the best friend like you so that's really good. xD
And even meeting the parents, that's amazing. * 0*

I'm bad with money too so I know that's gonna be a challenge, but I'm sure you can do it. xD
Keeping a system is the best thing to do. 3nodding That way you know exactly what you're doing.
Haha it's alright, I know Gaia isn't really as important as other things. xD

I'm doing alright.
I do believe we're just going to spend Christmas here.
Going to pick up random things to wrap for our son and cook dinner. 3nodding
Not too much is going on, gonna need to get a new computer soon. sweatdrop
Yokies Report | 12/09/2014 10:52 am
He's done it a few times since we last talked, still difficult but he's done it. xD

Happy Holidays to you too. 4laugh
Ahh that sounds so exciting. x3
I'm really happy for you!

How is the house? :3
Yokies Report | 10/22/2014 12:37 pm
Oooh well that's good. :3 I'm glad you've figured out what to do to make it easier on you. <3
Oh gosh that's exciting. whee Guh, I hope one day soon we can have a car again. Our last one broke down and we had no money to fix it. ; -;
I chose the demon side. xD It seems like the demons are overpowering the angels big time, but it's not a surprise.
That always happens in these events. One team is always outnumbered.

We're doing alright. =3 My husbands hours have been cut a bit, but he's hoping to get more soon.
We're back at my mom's but I'm fine with it. Where we were was getting really shitty and we couldn't deal with it anymore.
Our son is learning a lot and is finally starting to get the hang of using the toilet. He just doesn't want to poop in it yet. >.>
Yokies Report | 10/20/2014 1:09 pm
It sounds like things are going really well for you. =3
It's exciting that he's looking for a house right now~
And wow two jobs and school? o: And you have time for yoga? XD
Sounds like you know how to work your time very well!
Yokies Report | 10/16/2014 12:37 pm
Hey hey! =3 Yeah it's been a while!
How have you been? emotion_kirakira
I've been doing alright. Life has been really topsy-turvy but it's gotten better. 3nodding
Yokies Report | 03/07/2014 12:16 pm
It sounds like for the most part you're prepared to do what you have to do.
He's making the effort to still let you have what you want while having what he wants.
I mean he knows the kinds of things you like and is going out with you to do them, which is good.
Even with his son to think about, he still knows how to manage and make time for the both of you.
Living together would probably make that a heck a lot easier too, to plan things out as a family.
I'm glad you're feeling that way, it's really sweet to hear. c:
Yokies Report | 03/06/2014 9:08 pm
Oh I see, that makes sense. o: Sounds exciting either way. Are you ready to live with a child?
Hondas sound like they could be nice. I have to check them out.
Yokies Report | 03/06/2014 7:25 pm
How come you two want a two-bedroom house? o: I think an apartment isn't a bad idea if you can't find something you want right now. They're easy to work with and all of that. Ooh that would be really cool if they hired you for that position, so I'll send all the luck I can to you. c:
Oh we're not even sure yet. We've looked at a lot of things, but nothing really sticks out as a MUST have yet.
Maybe. xD He already does bring home things sometimes just because he works in that department.
Yokies Report | 03/05/2014 11:29 am
Ooh that sounds super exciting!
Do you know where you're going to be moving to already? :3

How come you get laid off in May?
It's cool that you're already looking for other work though.
Getting yourself prepared. =3

Oh I've been good. x3 Speaking of your parents getting a new car;
We're looking to get one as well. We have the money now, so getting a car is a gogo haha.
And my husband told me he's in line to become a butcher. :3
He just has to do the training and the classes for it.
Mutie_Snippets Report | 02/14/2014 10:24 am
so are you dude

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