Just came back to this site after a 4 year absence and I'm sad to see how this site is dying sad A little background, I'm 33 years old with a daughter. I'm a website developer with a popular retail company and absolutely adore my field. I was recently made UI Team Lead at work so it's less code and more management, but still interesting.

I love to read, write, draw, and do various crafts (including sewing). I make my daughter's Halloween costumes most years (except for her Elsa costume since the cost of fabric was more than buying the expensive Disney Store costume). Sadly, my favorite Guild seems to be dead :/

Also, please don't send me random friend invites just because you like my avatar, my profile, or my art (or anything like that). I prefer to have people on my Friends list that I actually talk *shrugs*

I don't want to be your girlfriend and I don't want to cyber (it's against the TOS), so don't bother asking.