Where to begin?
Okay right. I am Danno, I know that you all hate me. But I am actually trying to change. I've found my true friends, and everything.

All I want is to start over, clean slate. I'm done with the impersonation it gets you nowhere. It's like I live in a world by myself.
I know you all hate me. BUT..

the true reason that I copied everyone is because I didn't have any friends, and my family basically hated me. I didn't have anyone who I could talk to and say" hey whats up kid, howve ya been".

It hurts me even today, that I hurted you guise. I've learned a big lesson from this.
I just want to make friends, not enemies. Were all humans, and we make mistakes, even if we keep making them. Some one can always change, it doesn't matter what they've done.

I am just asking for forgiveness, not to be any ones friend. Cause honestly, what I've done in my past is beyond bullshit. I srsly want to grow up and stop acting like an immature p***k who trolls people.

Please forgive me?