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Apparently, I know how to pack my shyte and never look back. TBC...

Peace out -- keep it real.


For the Interested:

I suppose I should actually write some things out about myself... I've never really cared much about who I was, so I've never really shared. Couldn't think of what to share. I am digitally expressive, therefore I use emoticons. razz So there...!

At this moment, I am a lady of twenty-five years, currently working as an editorial assistant at a books publishing services company. Therefore, that basically means that I get paid to read. :'D And if the writing sucks, I get to change it. heart So far we've worked on books ranging from topics about psychology and methods of treating coma patients to books about the history of comics and manga (no, seriously); to nursing textbooks, to mathematic textbooks, history textbooks... All kinds of materials...! It's a pretty interesting gig, although the office setting isn't exactly the most exciting thing in the world. But if you want a goldmine of useless trivia... heart I now know how to administer z-track injections. heart

I am an Anime/Manga enthusiast, although lately I haven't been getting into very many shows lately. I have gone to anime conventions since I was... fourteen, I think? I still go. Because why not? -shrug-

I am a lightweight gamer, and very much enjoy the Silent Hill series. That is my ideal town and I would totally live there. heart I also have played the Fatal Frame series, a dash of Tomb Raider, tried Resident Evil but I'm a compulsive saver and can't be limited to numbered times that I'm allowed to save. ;__;

Someday I hope to take a trip to Italy. So far, I have already taken a trip to Tokyo, Japan, and I stayed there for two weeks. Yes, it was awesome. I played DDR in Tokyo Tower and bought a shet-load of manga. This was years ago, when I was eighteen... in fact, I turned eighteen in Tokyo. Feckin' win. My favorite thing about Tokyo, aside from the amazingly beautiful looking city at night was the metro system. I <3 the metro.

That's the only other place I've visited outside of America. Inside, I've been as far as Seattle (for like an hour), been to New York, North Carolina, Tennessee (briefly) and that's about it...

These days, every so often I visit a firing range and practice with 9 mm pistols (sometimes called autoloaders). So far I've fired an H&K 9 mm and a Glock among other generic models... I don't own a pistol yet, so I always have to rent. ;___; Interesting thing, though, it's actually very relaxing and gets your mind off of things when you practice at a firing range.

I draw, and had a webcomic going for three years once upon a time when I was in High School/College. But the plot was going so painfully slowly that I went on Hiatus... and sadly have never gotten back to it. ;___; But for those interested, it can be found here: Oh Brother Qlippoth. I've done other pieces of arts, too, but my art is few and far between.

I enjoy writing and get really, really into the stories of my characters. I'm also a HUGE fan of psychology and have my own copy of the DSM-IV-TR, which sometimes I thumb through just for fun. razz I don't intend to ever practice psychology clinically, as I do not believe I'd have much talent for it (or the patience), but I did minor in psychology and got to visit a hospital for my Abnormal Psychology class. I got to interview a few of the patients--quite a few were schizophrenic. One guy kept telling me that he was actually a doctor there.

I'm overly fascinated with psychology, although I do sincerely respect the pains that people go through with mental disorders. Many of my characters have mental disorders in some form, and one thing I will portray in them is the difficulty that these disorders create.

My favorite animal, since I was four or five years old, has always been a fox. And cats. And bats. heart Spiders are cute, but I wouldn't be able to hold one.

Because I write and on the occasion do roleplay, I am also into the whole Asian Ball-Jointed Doll bit. It's a nice little hobby and I do paint my own face-ups. They're all right. Not professional, but they can look pretty. heart Which is the most I can ask for now. So far I've been commissioned by two... three people. S'good stuff.

In No Real Particular Order:

Face Up 1; Not My Doll
Face Up 2; Not My Doll
Face Up 3; Not My Doll
Face Up 4; Sister's Doll
Face Up 5a: Sister's Friend's Doll
Face Up 5b: Sister's Friend's Doll

Face Up; My Doll
Face Up; My Doll

Anyway, so I have these dolls and a few of my characters, of course, are portrayed in these dolls. I go to sites and roleplay their stories and write them out, ongoing, constantly.

But this poses a problem as my characters are not portrayed properly all the time. So someday I must write a "canon" story. Which, with appropriate luck, will be published someday.

That reminds me---I won NaNoWriMo in 2010 with, I think, 52,000 words. I intend to finish that story, which was only halfway finished. Then I'll edit it like crazy for a long time and hope that it gets put on a shelf somewhere someday.

I like fantasy and all that good stuff, but I am sadly an Atheist. Not 'hardcore,' I guess, but 'realistic' ??

OH YEAH. I categorize myself as "asexual." If you want even more ridiculous categorizing, I am a 'romantic' asexual? I'm not really sure as sometimes I seem to be a bit 'aromantic'? Either way... Roleplaying and being "asexual" is kind of a tricky combination. razz But I get by, it seems.

My goal in life is to see different places in the world. Hey, it's something to do, right? razz

So I guess that's some legitimate stuff about me. I am my stories and my writing. After that, it's just the world and what I'm going to see in it.

What I am in relation to you random souls out there will eventually forever be lost to antiquity.



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Tacit Effigy Report | 10/22/2012 1:14 pm
Tacit Effigy
That's awesome smile I don't own any BJDs though I wish I have. The ones in the shows are around the same height as SDs, maybe a little bigger smile These dolls are controlled by putting hands inside them xd
Tacit Effigy Report | 10/20/2012 12:53 pm
Tacit Effigy
You like BJD too? Aren't they just amazing? xd
TatsuKitty Report | 04/16/2012 12:36 pm
I like your face. >3
Gotcher Belly Report | 09/11/2011 9:49 pm
Gotcher Belly
I love your profile. T ^ T
The Living Force Report | 08/15/2011 11:40 am
The Living Force
That's fine. 3nodding
The Living Force Report | 08/15/2011 11:35 am
The Living Force
Ladies is bronies too, go and brush your shoulders off~ biggrin

Want a brony guild invite?
The Living Force Report | 08/15/2011 11:28 am
The Living Force
Vituperous Report | 02/03/2011 6:01 pm
GummyPandas Report | 11/21/2010 12:59 pm
I totally LOVE your sig :3
It makes me squeal.
falterings Report | 11/20/2010 10:04 am
/loves you forever


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