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What do you need to know? Here are three things about me!

My name is Angelica. I am currently a student and I have a great job at a sporting good store. I'm 21. I love movies, road trips, and animals. My aspirations in life right now are to graduate, travel, and get a job as a paralegal.

I'm currently majoring in Criminology/Criminal Justice. I want to make a difference in the criminal justice system. I enjoy everything there is about it! If you're curious ask me more about it, I love discussing it!

I want to appreciate my life and look back without having any major regrets. I want to be nice to people, and stay on terms with them that, if I were to die tomorrow, neither one of us would regret a thing we did to the other. I want my life to be full of "that was amazing!"s and "I'm so glad I did that"s instead of "If I had done this" and "I wish I would have"s.

That's a lot about me! But if you want to know more about me don't be afraid to contact me! ツ


[b:ba2ce1d6fd]"Never[/color:ba2ce1d6fd] look down on someone unless you're helping them up[/color:ba2ce1d6fd]"

- Jesse Jackson[/size:ba2ce1d6fd][/b:ba2ce1d6fd][/align:ba2ce1d6fd]


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