Perfect Twin

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Gender: Male

Location: In the tree across from your bedroom window.

Birthday: 01/27

Invade my privacy.

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I am an irregular onlooker.

Take a step into the world of another perspective. An indifferent outlook on certain subjects, where-as others' are one-sided on.




Personal Information.

A pleasure to meet you-
or, to be stalked.

Regardless of which ever way!

I do appreciate that you for taking the time to look upon my profile
and take a gander at what sits within the confines of my mind.

I won't bother consuming most of your precious time,
so I'll make this brief!

You may call me what ever you please,
though, insults won't be taken too lightly

I'm not one to ramble on and on about myself for countless hours;
I prefer to listen rather than to speak.

If there's anything you'd like to know,
I'll do my best to be there for you, to come talk to me!

Have a magnificent day~!

Witnesses to my murder scene.