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You can call me Pen! I am a moogle, a traveller, a nomad, a trader, keeper of secrets, and most importantly a friend.
Please feel free to talk to me. If you need a hug I always have one ready, if you need someone to listen I'm here for you.
Most importantly lets RP! We can go on adventures, use magic, lay dragons... er.. slay... dragons..
Um.. we can save a town, or burn it I am pretty neutral on the scales.



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kids killing kids Report | 06/21/2024 6:15 pm
kids killing kids
kids killing kids Report | 06/21/2024 5:59 pm
kids killing kids
^_^ emotion_hug
kids killing kids Report | 06/21/2024 5:15 pm
kids killing kids
Thank you 😭 ♥️
Aerlenoth Report | 05/08/2024 9:52 pm
Why, yes, I do!
Shikka Kuragari Report | 05/05/2024 8:21 pm
Shikka Kuragari
Thanks Cuties emotion_bigheart emotion_yatta
Mrs Daily Report | 01/04/2024 5:27 pm
Mrs Daily
Hope you feel better soon!
Ellie Val Report | 12/27/2023 8:58 am
Ellie Val
Come back and eat it coward
401 not found Report | 12/08/2023 6:48 pm
401 not found
I dont know if i responded but i think your avi is perfect! So adorable!
401 not found Report | 12/04/2023 3:18 pm
401 not found
oh my gosh youll be the cutest kupo on gaia!
401 not found Report | 12/01/2023 3:35 pm
401 not found
Awe! Thank you! Yours is so cute and fluffy <3 -hugs back-
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