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AKA; Patchyy-- [paa‚ÄĘchee] [noun]:
Your Favorite Neighborhood Train-Riding Hobo.

sentbythestork;; nov. sixth
restsherheadin// OS, MS, USA
retro is hot. [realhot]
i like gay people.
and asians.
green i's &&bright blue i's are sexy.
be wary of my opinions. i like to argue.
i like it when you argue back.
i get bored very easily.
funny things keep my attention.
i'm just a rocker chick with a touch of techno in her bloodstream.
dancer. [bigtime]
obama is mah homie. forreals.
music is my boyfriend. i'm cheating on him with nature.
i am not organized.
uniformity sucks a**. give me the freedom to be unique!
maybe if kids stayed in school, america would be less of whore house.
don't yu think my eyes are just gawrjus?
religion is overrated. i respect others' beliefs, but i can't deal.
smosh is [********] awesome.
i love theme songs.
sometimes, i lie awake and think of how wonderful it would be to have him for myself.


-->iluhyu, biatch.
[i love you, b***h]