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:; Jazmine Adell Pickens :;

single:; freshman:; sign shop:;

SHE wants to drink thee galaxy in a cup of milk with a side of oreos(: . SHE isn't perfect . But who is ? SHE always speak my mind && doesn't give a shits about what people think of her anymore .. just what she thinks of herself. SHE is straight && ridin' solo . SHE not thee most confident person : but works with what she's got .. SHE is loving && caring , but only cares for people who feel thee same back . SHE is probably thee blondest brunette you will ever meet , if you meet her . && SHE is so very proud of it. SHE doesn't have it easy . So don't think . SHE is a girl who likes video games .. ik (: SHE likes to make mistakes sometimes . Because they can sometimes be wonderful SHE has OCD . SHE'S known for being extremely unpredictable. . [C ' 3 JOHN LENNON inspires her(: SHE knows love is thee easiest way to suicide. SHE never lives her life in black && white . Who wants to be a washout? SHE nevers gives herself thee credit she deserves . SHE finally found that hand that will help her up when she falls . SHE isn't a people person. but makes dooo... SHE isn't a label . SHE is her own code . SHE knows not to take a person for granted anymore . But sometimes she messes up . SHE can be a total b***h sometimes . Don't be offended . SHE has her rough days . SHE doesn't live in thee world you want her too , she lives in her own . SHE isn't gonna be thee person you want her to be . Only what SHE wants to be . SHE does things she knows will destroy her in thee long run. SHE lives in thee moment . && once in a while in thee past .
SHE does regret . SHE is thee girl you hate to forget , but yah know. SHE isn't cocky . But she will sport her opinion. SHE doesn't care if you are black , white , purple , or blue (: SHE knows she wants to live life from a new perspective now . SHE thinks thee sunset && thee night sky are thee most beautiful thing you can ever see . SHE trusts no one . Yet sets herself up for so little . SHE needs more love then SHE think anyone can possibly ever give her. SHE gives out thee best advice, but she rarely takes it in herself . : HYPOCRITE. SHE is sooooooo over almost everything. But fights for what fights for her . SHE can make a whole room giggle . But inside she actually dying . YES , she judges before she actually knows someone . Not cause she wants too . But because it's a habit . That is too hard to break . SHE loves people she shouldn't , but yah know she can't help it . SHE wants to be everything she ever dreamed of . But know she won't achieve much . SHE wants to climb thee tree of success , but keeps slipping. SHE wants thee world to know her name, but yet she doesn't wanna be known . SHE wants to travel thee world , & take it with her when she leaves it . SHE wants to make people proud . But it seems she always fails . SHE want HIM back . To take back everything . But she know he's gone . Forever . SHE will brighten your day , even though she really wants someone to brighten hers. SHE doesn't believe in god . Ohkayy . She thinks karma will eventually kick her a** . SHE doesn't understand why it's soooo wrong to be different ? SHE might not be beautiful . But , doesn't mean her personality isn't . SHE loves music , almost every kind . As long as she can relate to it . SHE puts up that wall, that most can't tear down . SHE laughs at everything . SHE doesn't meant to offend anyone. Unless they deserve it . SHE is crazy, paranoid , lovable , && living for herself . SHE doesn't wanna be judged , but yet she judges everyone . HER name is Jazmine Adell Pickens . SHE has now realized that thee world changes , you either work your way around it or with it . Or you get chewed up && constantly spit out . Because thee world isn't changing for you anytime soon . To do what makes you happy . Be with who makes your days . Laugh more then you breathe . && to love as long as your alive .. [:

. LOVE ; pandas l beatles :] l friends l orange l being random l Jersey Shore l tattoos l piercings l X box 360 l Leo && satan l my brother l carmel frappe' l gayys ;D

. HATE ; narcassistic people l niggers ; but enjoy blacks [: l sharks l stuck-ups l secrets l Kanye West l rapest l Obama l liars l people l


John Lennon
Jason Mraz
My Chemical Romance
Justin Bieber
The Midnight Beast
Three Days Grace
30 seconds to Mars
Framing Hanley
Adam Lambert
All Time Low
Avril Lavigne
Bruno Mars
Bullet for my Valentine
Cobra Starship
Maroon 5
Hey Monday
Attack Attack!
Dance Gavin Dance
Lil Wayne
John Mayer
Katy Perry
Limp Biskit
Marilyn Manson
Neon Trees
New Boys
Papa Roach
The Summer Set
The Maine
Owl City
Vampire Weekend
We the Kings
Taylor Swift

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John Lennon inspires me:)

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