Hello, folks.
So you are here out of sheer curiosity, am I correct?
Well then.
For starters, my preferred nickname is Coir (Core), but go ahead & use different versions of my current username.
I am a (preferred) ageless man, and my ego is usually pretty high.
Currently I am happily positioned in Scandinavia.
I value intelligence & good grammar, and I expect a decent amount of either for those of you trying to befriend me.
If you lack one or the other entirely, I have unfortunately been known to fade out due to disinterest. ;;
Aside from that, I enjoy the more mythical side of existence.
Talk to me about magick, for example, and I will be all pointed ears. Harhar.
I enjoy long debates on religions, mythical creatures & objects of either kind.
I also love MMO(rpg) games, and I hop between them on an almost weekly basis.
If you have any questions, I suggest leaving me a PM.
I hardly ever bite.