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Requiem of the end

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By visiting this profile and reading this you have acknowledged the existence of paradox. The original architect, the father of all, the primordial being, that is paradox and you are in his reality. Welcome.

As the primordial being Paradox was the one who breathed life into the very reality that we all exist in, he who brought life to the gods, he who would be betrayed by his very children and sealed away having his power stolen and divided among the heavenly, demonic, spirit and mortal realms. He who was sealed away in the shattered realm locked out of space and time, he who bides his time waiting to return and reclaim what was taken from him.

The beginning and the end, all things revolve around paradox that is who he is.

Main RPC Basic information
Name: Paradox
Date of Birth: Unknown, older then creation.
Place of Birth: The Void (what came before the multiverse)
Gender: Male
Species/Racial Origin: Primordial Being
Language: All languages
Main Physical Description:
Height: 7 feet (can change)
Weight: ????
Hair: White with black streaks.
Eyes: silver
Body Shape: slender masculine physique.
Skin colour: grey
Detailed Physical Description: rather tall and slender, mostly Dawns a pair of wings, one with the appearance of a heavenly realm wing and the other a demonic relam wing. Behind his head a spiked halo showing his ranking in the upper beings.
Personality/Attitude: N/A



I'm the beginning and the end, all things revolve around Paradox.