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I go by the name of Juniper. Juni is acceptable. Been on Gaia since like, '06 && I just love it more every day! I am anemic & take lots on naps during the day. I have recently been making my "authentic" ramen until i found this awesome cheap place near my boyfriends place. Love it!!
I am willingly giving my money to a design school in a city where I am learning to become a graphic artist. what little money i do have left over is used to hopefully buy a Mac and move out soon.
When I'm not online you can find my huge nose buried in a book somewhere, most likely on a bus getting lost.

Juniper *adores:
Harry Potter, cupcake wars, VBRose, Nightmare Before Christmas , Bad Movies* Good Fan Fiction, claymation, stop motion movies. steampunk, the great food truck race. giraffes, boots & dresses, pugs, tea cups, tattoos, autumn, alice in wonderland (j'adore!), Korea, InuBaka and Bobs Burgers But above all that STUDIO GHIBLIUser Image....and coffee.

*By bad movies, i mean those cheesy, badly directed campy horror/slasher flicks from the 70/80/90s. By no means do i mean Twilight. I hate Twilight.

South Korean Love

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Lee Minho is by far my first favorite! He's so amazing.
Then of course there's my love for G-Dragon & Tae Yang from Big Bang. Whom I also adore. Am also enchanted by T.O.P's deep voice. Kyah!
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& there is much love for 2ne1 as well. Blackjacks forever!
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I'm also very much in love with C.N.Blue. Ah.
P.s watch Secret Garden.
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B-but you promised Batman!!

Won't you take me with you...
down that beautiful, twisting path
to the ever wonder filled land you
call home?