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She has forever made my days! She helped me complete my dream avatar by donating my 2 last needed objects that would have probably taken me forever to get. She, if im not mistaken, kicks arse!♥♥♥


For a Nintendo DS Lite! (Onyx)


Hooray for saving up 25 cents!



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Birthday: 10/30

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My name is Koti Rose. It's a simple name. I live in the __. <3 And no, you do not have more bounce in California. We have an accent! ;] If im not mistaken, Im pretty ******** amazing.Im pretty chill & can get along with mostly everyone. I speak what's on my mind and that is what gets me in trouble, at times. Im an only child so friends do mean a lot to me. My parents are pretty ******** awesome. They are hardly strict and pretty fun. I don't think I will ever replace em. <3 Hay! Hit me up!

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