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Ve~ Read about me!

Ciao! My name is Daisy Vargas.
I am sweet girl who loves pasta. I'm much more aggressive than my brother Feliciano. I tend to say 'Ve' a lot. I love hanging out with Ludwig. He's so strong and shy, which makes me crazy for him. In fact, hes my boyfriend. I hope we get married some day and have a familia. Ve~!
I love my familia to death. Feliciano is my favorite brother. I love Romano very much too! - Smiles-
I have a sister name Rosa. She's a bit bossy, like my Brother Romano. We argue a lot, but we get a long after awhile. I know she loves me, even though she don't admit it. Right Rosa?! Vee?!
I hang out with Antonio, Kiku, and Ludwig, and a whole lot more Nations. Ve~ Ve~ Veee~!

I enjoy making new friends! Don't be shy, and send me a comment! = w =

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