Just Me

My name used to be Dread.
I no longer go by that name.
My name is Becca; Only Becca.

I am a Christian, saved by grace, through faith.
And now I mean that.
I have new life in Him Who saved me, Christ Jesus.

If you still want to keep up with me,
you can visit my blog.


Yes, I'm online from time to time.
That doesn't mean I'm back.
No, I can't tell you what happened to the old WARers.
I know very few of them now.
I hope you're living well, and are growing up happy.
That's all I ever wanted for any of you.

Know that I still keep many of you in my thoughts.

Oh, and as of November 2010, I have a wonderful man in my life.
His name is Ian, and he is the most inspiring young man I've ever met.

Keep the faith.