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Thirty years ago, an unforgotten memorie. A memorie that started the apocalypse by the damned son of the goddess I loved. I was a member of the Turks who was assign to oversee the Jenova project located at Nibelheim. I fell in love with one of the scientists who was an assistant to professor Gast. Both Lucrecia and Grimoire Valentine were on a discovery of Omega and Chaos and had done some research upon the two fallen angels. However, there was a misfortune. My father was killed from a failed experiment. When I discoved a link about my father I spoke with Lucrecia why she didn't tell me before. With a bowed head, she replied with guilt and blame about my fathers death, and that she was the cause of his life who he had saved her.

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Overtime Miss. Crescent enterd in a relationship by a man named Hojo, the two had a child together. The unborn infant was to be part of the next Jenova experiment. With Dr. Crescent's acception, she fell ill more and more as the days passed by. Outraged I confonted Hojo at the underground laboratory at Shinra mansion. From there on Hojo ended our conflict by pulling a gun upon me, and was used fore his next experiment.

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Lucrecia couldn't bare to find my dying body rest before the soles of her feet on soild ground as Hojo continued to laught with pleasure. She used the thesis of Chaos and Omega along with the lifestream and tested these theories upon me to stop the discarding tissues that already effected my left arm. She injected a stagnant lifestream as I became the angel of darkness. Chaos. My body was capable to comperhend the beast within as a host to who Hojo was able too make my body almost immortal.

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Under the Influence of Chaos, Lucrecia used the Protomateria fore it's results to tame and as well place me into a small sleep fore the time. Because of Lucrecia's shatterd spirt of being unable to see her son, she went alone to abide sucide. I believed it to be so when I couldn't find her in sight when I awoke.

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Being unable to save her I chose to enter and remain inside a coffin fore thirty years of slumber as a puishment and atonement fore my unforgiven sin. But after having to encounter with the blond haired swordsmale Cloud and the rest of his other former companions in the basment of Shinra mansion, I rejected their offer to join and sent them away at first. However, after having to learn more about their involument with Shinra and the one called Sephiroth, my choice then was to join them fore the possibility encounter with the man that have no right to be called human in the eyes of God.


►Age: Physically 27, Chronologically 60
►Sex: Male ♂
►Birthdate: October 13th 1950
►Race: Human (Genetically Enhanced)
►Blood Type: A
►Height: 6'2" / 184 cm
►Orientation: Straight
►Occupation: Ex-Turk
►Armaments: Cerberus
►Limit Break: Galian Beast
► Fallen angel: Chaos


●FFVII Gaia Original●

►Gaia ORIGINAL Vincent Valentine - OfficialVincentValentine
►Gaia ORIGINAL Lucrecia Crescent - Crystallized Lucrecia
►Gaia ORIGINAL Sephiroth - SOLDIERxSephiroth
►Gaia ORIGINAL Yuffie Kisaragi - PrincessOfWutai, Yuffentine
►Gaia ORIGINAL Misami Nova - Misami_Nova13



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●Spartan Cloak
●Silver Revolver
●L33T Gamer
●Demonic Pendant
●Infernal Spirit 6th Gen (Any)
●Egyptian Gold Anklet (Left)
●Egyptian Gold Anklet (Right)
●Alruna's Rose
●Cockerel's Waltz


Vincent Valentine™
(ヴィンセント・ヴァレンタイン, Vinsento Varentain) (Gaia ORIGINAL) ®
©Hironobu Sakaguchi/Tetsuya Nomura
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Proflie created by Vincent Varentine



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I'm hardly on here anymore since there isn't much to do.
RL matters has been keeping me occupied along with
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Crystallized Lucrecia

Report | 01/22/2011 2:31 pm

Crystallized Lucrecia

Lucrecia shivered, and snuggled herself into his cloak trying to warm herself. Closing her eyes she gripped onto him more tightly, not long after he took off from the cave that she slowly fell asleep. Being in the crystal all them years she thought it was werid her falling asleep but knew she had to rest some how and while the Jenova cells inside her were clam-ish now was the best time.

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Crystallized Lucrecia

Report | 01/01/2011 7:31 am

Crystallized Lucrecia

"E..Everyone makes mistake......don't blame yourself...p..please...."

Lucrecia said out of breath, straining herself to stay awake she would open her eyes once more feeliung the air on her skin she looked around at the world although it hadn't changed here she knew it had eles where.

"V..Vincent ...I....I can't go back to....S..Shinra....if they knew I ....have the Jenova cells...... they'll.....ugh..."

She stopped half way feeling her body in pain slightly, she was pushing herself too hard that she knew.
Crystallized Lucrecia

Report | 12/31/2010 12:28 pm

Crystallized Lucrecia

Lucrecia would sigh softly and nod resting her head against him gently, feeling him lift her up from the water her grip slightly tightened on him.
Her body was very weak, although she was still at war with the Jenova cells that were inside her fighting to be free she had fought them off for the moment but each time she fought them the more weaker she got she feared how much longer she could last.


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Crystallized Lucrecia

Report | 12/29/2010 12:22 pm

Crystallized Lucrecia

Here a familar voice and feeling the warmth of another close to her, she didn't know how but felt her body come back to her to life so to say. Lucrecia moved her hands slowly feeling whom or what had hold of her and when reaching the gaulet she knew it was him, the one she hoped would return to her and slowly opening her eyes for the first time in over 30 years looked around the cave and then up at the one whom she had loved but couldn't show nor say back then.


Her voice was soft but weak even though she had been in the crystal alseep some would say, she was very weak becuase even though she was sealed she at war. Battling endlessly against the Jenova cells inside her body that wanted to take over and bring Jenvoa back to life via her which she couldn't and wouldn't let happen.

(OOC; Ah sweet it's good to roleplay with you on here ^^ it's nice to know I am your main official and original Lucrecia ^^ you are with me and always will be.)