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I am a lady from Texas and I guess I am older than a lot of people on Gaia, but younger than a lot of people in real life. But usually I don't feel ancient unless everyone's sayin' their age and they're all 17. I am on a secret quest to get Gaia rich, but I'm not sure how I'll do it, since I can never seem to get a glowing tank, my art isn't very good, and I kind of suck at hoarding. I like playing zOMG and hanging out in Art Freebies.

Other than that I enjoy playing zOMG and lurking the zOMG forum and my clan forum, the Guardians of Myhrr.

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I have a lot of problems with you people-

And now you're going to hear about them.


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8AxelDimentioEspada4 Report | 09/27/2009 10:31 am
nice avi!
i love it!
HeavenQueen Report | 06/06/2009 4:35 pm
Thanks for donation heart
faeriebell Report | 01/27/2009 9:42 am
Hey there! Was just checking in on Gaia, I see you're not active anymore either. I check in as well, but not on a lot. I just had a babeh, RL is busy. What you up to? User Image Take care.
Stopsign Graffiti Report | 01/08/2009 2:10 pm
s**t, I don't even know. I just decided to pop around and see if anything is cool. (It isn't.)
Stopsign Graffiti Report | 01/05/2009 11:17 pm
I heard you go all the way.
Violet_Dusk Report | 06/07/2008 11:59 pm
The bow is "Luck o' the Garnish"...a St Patty's cash shop item ^u^
Elliebug15 Report | 03/26/2008 1:17 pm
Hi! Cool profile!
al Jamal Report | 01/12/2008 5:07 am
Thanks for buying.
Dragostae Report | 01/01/2008 2:40 pm
It's been a bit on the meh side, but I'm also not really wanting to go back to work any time soon.
Dragostae Report | 12/31/2007 11:09 pm
Happy New Year, Oda-biscuit!