get at me b***h ;)

kay so the names : Kristine [get at me wink ]

i'm old enough, but i'm pretty well confident that you my friend, are capable, of idenitfying ones age by looking at ones back ground picture that has that person's self conveyed....such as myself =)

i live with the Goddess on the Praire, up in canada =)! ..stupid ********

i'm filipina, with a MIX! (MABUHAY...=_=)

don't be so decived with a fragile body like mine, for this body can play rugby b***h ! (left wing position to be exact biggrin )

and of course as an asian i do admire anime and jap. dramas (OMFG FTW) ...

i <3 hot sexy boys...with nice hair :] ohh yeahhhh ~~

i <3 hot sexy girls too YAHOO! .... i keed althoughh... lmao

i love death metal, heavy metal old school rock... all kinds of rock except for ******** posers...damn gay jonas brothers/justin beiber the f** bag/ miley cyrus the whore AHHHHH!!!!! ******** ! s**t =_=