about meee ^-^

ok yesh im emo, im possibly bi so dont get freaked out plz -.- , my names aleah and my middle name is L'rae (1st name said aliya and middle name said la-ray) im almost 16 and im from cali. im like a double oreo! 4laugh im black,white, and puerto rican. if u ******** with my friends or fam i WILL come after u o.o uhmm lets c.. my fav color is red.. uhmm i luvs candy emotion_dowant lolz and uhm uhm.. ya if u wanna no anythin else pm me ^-^

great song


btw sometimes my profile resets so plz wait til i put it back 2 normal

that depressing spot ish back -.-

been my buddy since the begginingg ^-^

just cuz were emo doesnt mean we all cut, doesnt mean we all dress wierd, doesnt mean we're all depressing. were ppl just like every1 else. its those that dont believe this that make us how we r