Hi there! My name is Nyxida. Call me Nyx.

I accept all Random Friend Requests!

My Name is Johanna
My Middle Name is Rose
I am 17 years old
I am Female.
I am 5foot 7 1/2inches.
Sexual Orientation is Pansexual.
I love everyone, in a non-sexual way.
I am Single.
I am Wiccan
My Zodiac sign is Pisces.

I enjoy many things.
Roleplay is a big one.
Voice Acting.

Also known as:
Kumi Starlight - DeviantArt
Kumi Starlight - TinierMe
KumiStarlight - FanFiction.net
KumaRevolution - JointDeviantArt
Kumi Starlight - Tumblr
Nyxida - Skype

Hope that has given you much please and I hope you understood.

Shall we be friends?