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Report | 05/24/2011 12:45 am


yes, koizora was pretty sad. I cried a lot watching it.

oh? haha yeah i guess that happens. I've dropped a couple of animes like that too.... I almost left naruto but then skipped all the episodes and jumped to the latest one ^^

biggrin nice hearing from you too.

Report | 05/05/2011 4:20 pm


hey sorry for the very late reply... my laptop has finally died and i'm internet less for a while now... crying

oh wow awesome... it must be awesome... biggrin

biggrin well... NEWS are jpop band or so i think hehe...

same here.. though my list is really really short... pretty much the only 3 kdramas i have watched are boys over flowers, you're beautiful and personal preference (because of lee min ho biggrin ) other than that i watched a bit of goong s and playful kiss...
i watched a bunch of jdramas too... gokusen, koizora, kimi wa petto, hana kimi and a bunch of others...
i can't really recommend any right now... as i really am kinda cut off.. D:

squad 6 is my ultimate fave but i guess 10 and 13 are cool too ^^ are you reading the manga? do you like ichigo now..?

Report | 02/19/2011 9:29 am


btw its okay ^^ stupid typos! xd

which squad is your fave btw?

Report | 02/19/2011 9:28 am


haha cool biggrin I guess it can be pretty hard to choose between those two couples.. but its easy for me cuz I can pair Renji with Byakuya xd

yeah.. they do play because I'm stupid occasionally.. ^^ Awesome!!! you have some japanese and korean channels there?? that's great. surprised can you understand japanese or korean?
^__^ yeah not many people from here are on gaia...
oh cool! biggrin

Wow!!! that's a long list... I just randomly love songs form different singers so I don't really have any fixed faves.. whee but I recently heard this band NEWS and I kinda like them biggrin
other than that I know of arashi cuz of matsu Jun.. biggrin

so what other korean/japanese dramas have you watched??

Report | 02/18/2011 11:16 am


hm.. I don't really like her actually.. and exactly for the reason you wrote... i think she is kinda worthless.. but mostly I don't like her because of um.. ichihime.
UlquiHime is great. I do like that pairing. its sweet esp. the scene they had with the hands and all.. but my most fave pairing would be ichiruki heart
hm.. grimulqi? nice xD I like byakuya/renji biggrin squad 6 love lol.

haha yeah its okay.. they play english song most of the time but randomly add korean and japanese songs in but they do have a special segment just for jkpop biggrin
well I live in Pakistan..... you??
yep~! biggrin

haha well yeah Jun Pyo and Jan Di are such a perfect couple.. they actually look very good together. I support them too but still I couldn't help but feel sad fo Ji hoo.. poor guy, never got any girl.. biggrin
hm... yeah that could be it. I hope they do come back.. biggrin

oh yeah I like them too.. i know the list can get very long!! biggrin
which jpop bands do you like? biggrin

Report | 02/17/2011 11:23 am


oh really? lol well... i like him only because of his pink hair.. xD
what do you think of orihime?
do you support any pairings?

well. biggrin yeah it was on t.v. Here in my country there is a channel called channel V international that shows latest japanese and korean songs occasionally.. that was where I heard kpop for the first time. biggrin

I love the korean version too.. it had cuter f4 blaugh and Jan Di imo is way better than Tsukushi..

Haha awesome! Its so hard to choose just one out of those extremely cute 4 guys... but my favorite would be Jun Pyo and Ji hoo.
Lee min ho is awesome!!! he was SUCH a cute Gu Jun Pyo... so innocent.. heart I love Kim Bum's smile... it so sweet!!
oh? you didn't like Ji Hoo? why? but yes the actor is great. (he's really cute)
Is ss501 gonna come out with an album soon? it feels like they disbanded or something... ( I hope not though D: )

My Favorite kpop bands would be... Beast, Shinee, ss501, Big bang, Super Junior, 2ne1 etc etc... (its a long list)

Report | 02/16/2011 9:53 am


biggrin i guess it is hard to choose. I mostly like the main characters... I hate it when someone asks my fave arrancar because I don't really have one.. sweatdrop (probably szayel aporro)
who are the exceptions? smile

haha okay.. I only heard one of their songs... it was on the tv and i found the guys.... interesting... different.. than usual boy bands... ( I'm a kpop fan biggrin )

so.. which version of boys over flowers do you like better?? smile and whose your fave F4??

Report | 02/15/2011 11:09 am



Thank you.
yes a huge fan of Rukia. I love her! and Byakuya too. who is your favorite?

oh? okay.. ^^ thanks I'll check it out. biggrin you listen to visual kei bands? I only know SuG.. smile

Report | 01/28/2011 9:35 am


biggrin HI!!!

Sorry for the very late reply (been busy sweatdrop ) but haha yes I do love Bleach and Boys over Flowers! 2 of my most favorite shows (and anime..) in the world!

^^ love your profile!! hm.. where have i seen that guy?
Sentimental Howl

Report | 01/18/2011 3:37 pm

Sentimental Howl

But I don't really think It'll happen.

It could, but I don't think it would be as
horrible as they say it is.


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