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I'll be putting up pictures, drawings, and just random babbles of the day. Feel free to commet :3

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Angel_Kitten_Sweetheart Report | 05/23/2012 5:02 pm
Awesome! I just recently found One Direction. I don't any of their other songs. lol Another friend showed me this one. Whispers in the Dark, and My December are some of the most significant songs in my life. Hehe, I know what you mean. Finding someone like me is normally difficult too. I like to speak properly, not text speak. x.x It gives me a headache. lol Still, thank you SO MUCH! <hugs, purrs> I love finding someone that will actually LOOK at a wish list. wink Mew mew! Well, you can stop by and chat at any time! I always love meeting new people.
Angel_Kitten_Sweetheart Report | 05/08/2012 8:24 pm
OH WOW THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!! <glomps, nuzzles, purrs happily> I love the dress so much! I'm glad you like my music. I use to help keep track of all the songs I like, and my interests vary greatly. Which songs/type of songs did you like? I must know!

Also, I found out we have a lot in common! I get attached quickly, I'm open minded giving people a chance, I'm a mother hen, I ramble myself, and I can be emotional as well...and I'm NOT a teenager. lol Some things just don't change, unfortunately. <purrs happily> Anyway, thank you so very much for the gift! heart heart
NightXZFire Report | 05/08/2012 1:30 pm
Thanks for buying!!!
Chocolate Dipped Condoms Report | 05/05/2012 8:05 pm
Chocolate Dipped Condoms
yum_puddi Thank you for your Purchase yum_puddi
Reseph Report | 05/05/2012 4:37 pm
no problem biggrin
Serene Rainstorm Report | 05/05/2012 12:32 pm
Serene Rainstorm
Thank you for buying!! biggrin
James Nickelson Report | 05/05/2012 11:50 am
James Nickelson
Thanks for buying Homie.
TameTiG3r Report | 04/30/2012 10:09 pm
u are welcome ...
Nofumo Report | 04/29/2012 3:13 pm
biggrin I have a Germany cosplay on here, but it wouldnt look too good with prussia's eyes and my skin color. -.-
apple beast Report | 04/29/2012 3:12 pm
apple beast
yep I'm Belarus -A-

No reason in keeping an account I'm never on. Goodbye.