Yea. :-] New profile~! Yippie~!
Well, I'm still working on it so bare with me. n__n;;

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Anyhows~! Time to get on with the working~!

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Mkay, so most of you might know me as Nisa, right?

User ImageWell, the real names Brittany~! <3User Image

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I am a 15 year old in Highschool, not the best student in the world but cetainly not the worse. :3

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I'm slightly on the girly side, just slightly, and am full into the whole punkish style.

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I follow my own trend, cause I simply hate going along with other peoples trend.

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Example;; I tye my shoelaces backwards. ;-] The bow is at the end, instead of next to the tongue. All my shoes are like that. <3

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Well, I'll let you go for now~!


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Bleh. Why must there be so many Journal wording thingys?

Mainly for random things. Self explainatory, don't cha think? :]



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Hello Nisa the Brown Nose Clown Hi! whee

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i'm sure you don't give much of a hoot, but ...
i founds this guy on gaia.
he's not actually on gaia but ... it's hard to explain. hurr, take a look: [ x ]
scroll down a little and compare. i found that super interesting and i'm sorry for spamming your profile.

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          oh you very, very lucky girl.
          i wish i were done with exams but they've just begun D:
          hehe, don't worry my dear.
          you've been very patient with me thus i will be patient with you.
          take as long as you need, so long as you don't forget 8]

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hm, i can't seem to remember if it was you or not.
but are you done with exams or are you just starting?

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aah, i'm so grateful.
but i'm still not happy i haven't posted yet.
i'm pretty upset about my post too.
it's pretty horrendous.

and not to worry 'saa.
i get curious all the time.

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agh, i'm sorry.
i'll post like tonight!
i promise it won't be like this for much longer.
faint old rhyme

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faint old rhyme

Oo, a perfect score? Good luck !! Study surprised
I have a history final tomorrow but it'll be easy because my teacher is a pushover, hehe. The rest of them aren't until the last days of school.
And congrats on getting out tomorrow ^^
faint old rhyme

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faint old rhyme

Thanks (:
Hmm it's okayish...waiting for school to end. 2 weeks. o.o
faint old rhyme

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faint old rhyme

Thanks ^^
It's actually in the arena now:


Oh. Snap. :0

Crackle. Pop. Rice Crispies. :9