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Hello peoples. I am too lazy to do my profile, house, and car. Life is just too short. Especially a pixelated life. *shrugs* Happy Holidays to you all, though. I just realized that a lot of people I don't know have visited. Leave a comment?

Well, a little about me. Just because I have nothing better to do.
Well, whatever. If you want to know any more, just leave a nosy comment or what not. I love making new friends. I like to draw, so if you're interested in commissions talk to me biggrin

I do art commissons and I run a joint tektek shop with my two good buddies, MadamBitchTits and iMishux.
I mod in Jesb's WTF Do You Want? Charity Thread (in my sig).
I'll put their banners up here once I get off mah lazy arse xD


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screamobloodbitches123 Report | 06/02/2011 1:54 pm
Isabella Irving Report | 05/03/2011 5:58 pm
Isabella Irving
I never ditch anything. I just push it aside and go back later on. Sorry to disappoint you; but if you have an inclination to work on a different type of story or RP, I always have a slot open.
I lost interest in Gmail except for the homepage's apps.
No, no, no you do not. You sound like a kid with a life that should be normal, which it is. No one can change the fact that my life was less than perfect, but we have our problems, and yours are to be expected.
Isabella Irving Report | 05/03/2011 2:37 pm
Isabella Irving
I'm sorry to say I pushed that one back to revise it later on, and hopefully make it less teenage-based. But I do RPs, just not fandoms. Always with original characters, because I hate the restrictions of fandom bases.
Yahoo is the main email I use. I have a couple others on Gmail.
Well, you know it can always be worse. And it will not last forever.
Isabella Irving Report | 05/02/2011 7:16 pm
Isabella Irving
It's all right; I've been keeping myself busy with writing... three roleplays on Menewsha. I have a lot to do both on and off the computer.
Ah I see. Yahoo needs to pull it together. Trying to alter things that are already perfectly fine and screwing it up.
No rush, other things are more important.
Isabella Irving Report | 05/01/2011 6:01 pm
Isabella Irving
Oh, never mind about that. But thank you though. Oh, and I have to ask; have I sent an email back when you replied last time? I'm not sure if I did.
Take your time on that, as I said before. Absolutely no rush.
Isabella Irving Report | 04/23/2011 5:12 pm
Isabella Irving
Oh, it's exciting, yes. But dangeous, and soon to get a little more.
Ah, I see. I did get that messaeg in Yahoo, though I'm not sure if I replied? I was in a bit of a haze around that time. Still, I will be happy to help as much as I can.
Isabella Irving Report | 04/23/2011 2:51 pm
Isabella Irving
Not too much at all. Not that I know of, anyway. It's not often I take much notice--or really care--about what might be going on. Unless it's something of great impact. What I do know is that tomorrow I may be getting that lisence, after a few tests yesterday and today, and Danny will be changing some listing and public details to include private investigation along with extermination. Today we had a good work out chasing the dogs for their bath, and tomorrow will be partly dedicated to cleaning the yard and maintaining that garden.
What have you been up to?
Isabella Irving Report | 04/23/2011 7:55 am
Isabella Irving
Yes yes?
sympathiepain Report | 04/20/2011 4:57 pm
Naw. It's okay. C:
sympathiepain Report | 04/20/2011 4:40 pm
XD I actually did get it to work finally.
I was just about to sign in.
Though if you want a back-up I can PM you my yahoo ID just in case my computer becomes a butt again.



wahmbulance I'm drawing again! wahmbulance
My photobucket-
PM me if interested!
Nim is questing for all the evolving items, and likes to collect plushies. If you have any that need a good home, send them to her? heart heart heart


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