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Hola.Names Nika.I blow my candles the 25th of August.
Art and Literature are my trade.I am a writer and a musician.
Skittles are my marijuana.I swear to God Almighty, give my the theater ones and I lose my damn mind.
I'm a total gnerk(Geek Nerd Dork), and I'm damn proud of it. I appreciate myself for me. Though I'm very self conscious, I sorta consider myself pretty.
I am the biggest music freak you will ever meet. Ever. Majority of my days are spent singing to myself, blasting my iPod, or writing music.
I have an uncontrollable obsession with the supernatural.I've had so much happen to me that you start to believe the unbelievable. Plus, I live in Jersey, the creepiest state.Ever.
I'm happily taken by the cutest guy ever.Steve!!(Ceon102).
I luv my Gramster Tikky Lector.Hes so damn cute!!!^w^
Well,if you wana talk,don't be afraid.I'm very open and always p to be a listening ear!!


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Anything interesting happening in my Gaia life and normal life.Hope you enjoy how crazy my life can get. T_T


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Blaze Kimishi Report | 07/20/2010 8:31 pm
Blaze Kimishi
nika if you ever come bk on line im moving to A.C in two weeks for good this time
Blaze Kimishi Report | 07/04/2010 1:21 pm
Blaze Kimishi
i misssssssss u nika
Blaze Kimishi Report | 03/11/2009 1:19 pm
Blaze Kimishi
im lead guitar/ vocals
Blaze Kimishi Report | 03/04/2009 6:27 pm
Blaze Kimishi
and if nika hasent already told everyone im in the band she talks so proudly of User Image
Blaze Kimishi Report | 03/04/2009 6:25 pm
Blaze Kimishi
i love you
Blaze Kimishi Report | 03/01/2009 7:39 pm
Blaze Kimishi
sup boo i miss you
infographic Report | 01/13/2009 7:24 am
very funny nika
mitchell X MCM Report | 07/31/2008 6:51 am
mitchell X MCM
Gadget and Jinxi Report | 07/14/2008 5:39 pm
Gadget and Jinxi
eh girl haven't had a comment in a while eh? so how the thing comin?
Gadget and Jinxi Report | 01/12/2008 1:36 pm
Gadget and Jinxi
I got turned into a vampire User Image now i have to wait 6 hours to turn back User Image *slowly counts* i thought vampires would look cooler than this D:

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Blaze Kimishi

We must use our ninja skills u fool!!Aghh,forget it.U hold the dragon yet don't use it.WE COULD haVE THE WORLD AT OUR HANDSS!!!!!

Don't shoot!!!!I HAVE A FAMILY DAMMIT!!!!!