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Just read it.

Most of you Gaians call me Sky, so the rest of you can too! :]


I'm part Native American.[Cherokee]
I can speak 6 different languages:
-English (duh)
-American Sign Language
-Old Latin

I love to listen to music. All types of music.
I know how to play the piano and I'm currently trying my
hand at playing the guitar. [Maybe I should stick to the
piano. lol.] My friend, Random can play the guitar, but I've
never heard him play.
When I get bored, I usually do something to my hair, like
dye it or cut it. I HATE feet. I don't like anybody touching me
or any of my things with their feet.
I also LOVE to read. I can never read too much.
I like skateboarding and low tide surfing. Which
eventually leads to me loving the outdoors! I love
everything about outside! I llike hiking and jumping in the
river! Lol! I'm not afraid to try new things or talk to new people!
Any questions, just hit me up! :]


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DanaAyala4 Report | 07/28/2010 10:23 pm
Hey babe whats up heart
boogle_lover Report | 02/19/2010 4:35 pm
hey i how are you doin?
im sorry i havent texted.. i got my fone taken
so when u say baby u maen ur having one??
let me know if there is anything i can do ok?
love ya
boogle_lover Report | 08/14/2009 11:06 am
hey hun check out my profile smile
CrazedPuppet Report | 08/12/2009 9:58 am
Oh that makes sense
CrazedPuppet Report | 08/10/2009 9:32 am
Wait so ur in vacation but u still had something they gave u from school?
CrazedPuppet Report | 08/05/2009 6:36 pm
i feel bad for you but why didnt you go?
CrazedPuppet Report | 08/05/2009 11:28 am
why didnt u get to go? was there a change of plans?
CrazedPuppet Report | 08/01/2009 1:51 pm
well it cooled down a bit and i got my laptop back so yea it was fine... yesterday =)
CrazedPuppet Report | 07/30/2009 3:46 pm
lol yea it cooled down a bit so u still r lucky =)
CrazedPuppet Report | 07/29/2009 4:24 pm
its really hot the fan i have is even throwing hot air soii had to turn it off.... and i think the north is suffering to i heard that even alaska got to high temperatures

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