Yosers, the name is Jammie.
I hate fake people.
I hate rude ppl.
I do watch CN (Cartoon Network) still even though I'm 15.
Mess with my friends on here, Facebook and or in real life I'll mess you up in a heart beat.
I'm not a hot head but talk to me in a wrong way it may seem like I am.
I like friendly people that don't mind being random at times.
I like burgers, especially from In-N-Out Burger.
I love skinny jeans heart
Anyone that started wearing skinny jeans after the New Boyz came out, your a copy cat.
Point blank end of sentence.
I get proven wrong daily but I still like making bets.
Yes,I wear tappers and plugs.
No, they're not fake.
I've wore skinny jeans since the 3rd or 2nd grade.
I like R&B, Pop, Country Rock, Dance, Hip-Hop and Aternative music.
Yes, My name is Jammie.
I'm not gay.
I like gays better than straights though.
They're funnier then straight people.
And more caring.
And more fun to hang around.
Thats about it.
Don't be shy to talk to me.
I'm really nice.
You'll see.
Oh and...
I like random PMs
Deuces. sweatdrop