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Gender: Female

Location: in my mind.

Birthday: 01/07/1993

Occupation: fashion designer, model, actress, singer, writer

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Who I Am

Hi there! It's Neko! The wonderfulest most interesting person you will never meet. No, okay, so I'm just kidding. But anyway, Here's 10 things about my life:

My friends are awesome, and have saved my life a couple of times.

I'm not too much into actually watching anime anymore, but my favorite anime? Naruto. But, it's not the only anime I've watched. I watch Death Note, Jounjo Romantica, Wolf's Rain, and FMA too.

Anyway, so yeah. My life is friends, family, love, and art.

I'm an artist of all kinds. Don't ask me what my favorite medium is. It will take me an hour to name them all! I've even used eyeliner before.

I have shoulder length black, brown, and dark red hair that used to have blue streaks in it. When I wear my hair up, I'll put practically anything in it. i.e.: hair sticks, ribbons, paper flowers, silk flowers, real flowers, beads, random things i bought at hobby lobby, and a lot more.

I love karate. I'm a blue belt. Don't mess with me~.

I also collect jewelry. [No, not the expensive stuff. Unique, interesting stuff.]

I use my fingernails as art and never wear one color. It’s always at least two.

I've was a vegetarian before for about a year or two. Still getting used to eating meat again. [ick!]

I love the stage. Life is a stage for me. I’m ALWAYS performing for someone.

Before Oklahoma, I lived in West Virginia.

I am in absolute love with so many bands, some of them being: Blue October, Death Cab for Cutie, Innerpartysystem, The Fashion, and Say Anything. LOVE THEM LOVE THEM LOVE THEM! go look them up if you don’t know who one is!

That's all for now... -Neko loves you!


I love maximum ride.

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The Amazing Fanart by: FallenStarx-Hero13

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I've been writing a bunch of fanfiction, all of which are getting great reviews on the net! Woohoo!! I have loyal readers!


So I have 2 avatars dedicated to my two favorite movies which I've seen over 10 times, and have watched every single special feature on disk two for, that I could easily give a speech or college thesis for. I love these two movies and they're everything I believe in.

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Memoirs of a Geisha

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Moulin Rouge


Why does my heart cry? Feelings I can't fight... you're free to leave me, but just don't deceive me, and please believe me when I say I love you!
-Moulin Rouge

No matter what you say the show is ending our way. You've gotta stand your ground for freedom, beauty, truth, and love.

:--: my personas :--:

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:The personas when I'm feeling bold:

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*all tektek art created by me!

Behold the totally awesome avi art i received from AnimeHero13.
Its absolutely amazing!

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I LOVE to cosplay! My cosplay buddy is Rizu [Hidan-hime13] and we go to conventions dressed up as either Konan and Rukia [from bleach] or Kakuzu and Hidan from Naruto. Our best cosplay yet!!! We've also cosplayed as Orochimaru and Kimimaru... but didn't walk out of the house. Haha. It was fun!!!

I also like to RP. As you read, I am a writer so its pretty fun to have 'writing' buddies. I usually go for Vampire, Naruto, or japanese school RPs. Because they're just that much fun!


So! Let's update a bit. It's summer and school-season/fall is coming! Up there is all my real info. This is just how my life is going right about now.

Summer is Kira's nap time, getting ready for the next school year when I am deprived of sleep for 180 days.
Getting those last few cat naps in, you know? Yay for sleep deprevity!

-Sigh- what a life, right?

Questions? Comments? Concerns?


By the way, if anyone wants to read a really cute emobuddy comic, go to this.

copy, paste, and clicky!


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kazuisme Report | 08/26/2011 7:56 am
ehhh..... its saso.... the clan leader (red dawn)... kind off? etto. do you mind if i pasted on the torched to you? cuz i literally killed the clan and maybe should just disappear from gaia forever....emmmm. we can try and revive our clan, somehow. does anybody go on gaia anymore anyways?
IXI_The_Good_Doctor_IXI Report | 08/18/2010 3:30 pm
cool avi
DECARABlA Report | 01/07/2010 5:01 pm
sand star the 3 Report | 04/18/2009 3:58 pm
sand star the 3
cool thanks
sand star the 3 Report | 04/18/2009 3:54 pm
sand star the 3
what the last book i for got the name.
sand star the 3 Report | 04/18/2009 3:46 pm
sand star the 3
omg i love Maximum Ride!
President the Megster Report | 03/25/2009 5:48 pm
President the Megster
i know no wonder sasori falls for him lol^^ im re-reading it the 3rd chapter makes me wanna cry for what itachi dose to him but when it comes to the 4th chapter it was "omfjgfc thats so flippen adorable"
President the Megster Report | 03/25/2009 5:21 pm
President the Megster
i know i thought i was then i saw and became so flippen happy after school so far i like deidara and sasori he soun ds so much more cuter in your storys then in the anime or manga
President the Megster Report | 03/25/2009 5:17 pm
President the Megster
it was so flippen goot with Threat at first i got curiuos and i went to see if there were other chapters but there wasnt so i practically almost screamed then i got better when i saw you updated it
President the Megster Report | 03/25/2009 2:58 pm
President the Megster
no prob my favs were My Mitsuki (soory if i spelled it wrong) and Threat i think it was called


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Favorite quote of the moment: "If she's a lady, I'm a Vermicious Knid."