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My dream.

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★ Questing: Compass of Seidh 2nd Gen 134k//900k.


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Alright... so i'm Nikki. I mostly get along with guys, my trust with people isn't the best due to events in the past. I can be pretty emo.. but cute & fun at the same time ^w^ I love rock and metal music, such as BFMV, Three Days Grace, Escape the Fate, ADTR, Breaking Benjamin, as well as some other artists. I'm in love with photography... through that lens I see everything differently. :] I love video games. I've been told I'm not as I seem, don't let this face fool you. :3 I am taken, just so everyone knows. Though we have our feuds, he's the one, I know it. <3 Necro the Reaper & Necro the Reapess together forever. <3 I am pansexual. ^^
If you wanna know more, just ask. I'm pretty nice. c:


[X] [X]

Some things I love:
-Cute things
-Music; mostly rock
-Energy drinks
-Making signs

Some things I dislike:
-Slow people
-Creepy old men
-Hanging out with my family. -__-

My pages:
User Image User Image User Image emotion_bigheart
The Amazing Guild
My devianART

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l-R e k s -l
Lets Make A Deal
Hur Da Hurr
Your Eternal
Miraaza Shadowcourt
Necro the Reapess

N: Loving and caring
I: Loves to laugh and smile
C: good kisser
H: Easy to fall in love with
O: Has one of the best personalities ever
L: Smile to die for
E: has gourgeous eyes

Together Forever. <3

Together Forever. <3

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Had my lover since 4/19/10 c:

One day I'll be known in this world...

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