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Me?? Changed my name once again, was Natsu Kobayashi (well, username is still Natsu Kobayashi) But recently Natsuji~ [Summer, second son]
Kobayashi is a pretty awesome last name no?? Pretty famous ppl have it ^^; LOL~
Realized lately I've been emo (well, I've always known that but whatever --; ) Though sometimes way to happy to be emo~ Plus, not much taste in music to be --;

Not much of an Anime lover but I love Manga, yes, there is a difference.
Art lover, seriously, I wasn't such a lazy b*****d I would draw like crazy...

I'm not much of a talker. Sometimes I can't shut up though but most of the time I happy with listening and just laugh at the jokes. I say I'm obsessive and sometimes is but I get bored of things easily and I also can't hold grudges. I'm only angry of a few minutes and then I forget to be ^^;

I'm really looking for ppl to talk to on here. Most ppl aren't much talkers are they? But typing is different to talking. At least you can hide everything behind typed letters compared to having to learn the art of showing a false personality behind sweet words.

I have a lot of goals and most of them I know I will not achieve which makes me depressed. I am ready to start drawing like crazy for these two years to get to my goal. And since I'm not familiar with the selling art forums at the moment I'm not going to bother with Gaia. But if you have any tips at all then that would be awesome.

Also, I'm a fanfiction reader. I've been on for years and if anyone could give me some good ones then that would make me love you. I'm picky. Yaoi only. Naruto, HP, KHR, -man and maybe some others that I might know...thank you heart

Another thing is DeviantArt. I'm ORANGEnatchan, tell me yours so I can check out your art.


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This is my dream avi, (well, one of them). It would be impossible for me to get all of this or even just one or two items of this but I would love to try. I would die from joy if some one helped me with this. Every little bit counts after all!! I could say give me your trash but I'm not the smartest person and will not put that to good use so any small amount of gold would help. I tried to make this to look simple and I hope it does. I don't like the huge backgrounds. This might actually be impossible for anyone to try and achieve with out the friends, gold, or cash to get it. Please, I would love to try and thank you if you help. heart Love you all~

Items I need: Red Polar Expedition Pile Jacket
Dander [Maybe a bit too expensive, could change it to Assassin's Guise? The big gun works well]
Sundae Sweets
DJ Studio Headphones [I could change it to another headphone but then I need the top connecting bit to be behind so it doesn't get it the way of hats?]
Yemaya's Pearl
Black Solar Flare Belly Tattoo [Got the brown one for now, not that it makes a huge difference]
Sexy Persents (Valentines Day 2k9)
Oisin's Blessing [Pretty much the whole outfit's point was the eyes since I love them so much]
#000000 Complex Shoes

Thank you so much for those who have helped ^^ I love you all heart

I'm quite the saver so if you want to know why I haven't gotten some of the items already, it's because I want to work towards a big item so I can feel fulfilled as well as thankful at the end because that would mean I did something as well as have wonderful friends if that makes sense.

I hope this is not an impossible dream. If it isn't I would obviously die of happiness and create even more outfits (but of course I am happy with just one to wear for ages and ages). I already have made more avi's. I'm quite happy with making these avi's on tektek but makes me unhappy that I probably can't get the items.

heart Too much ranting. Is it bad to ask for a 50K donation?? ^^; I want some gold stashed somewhere to make me happy. Just not satisfied with rl money haha, jk.

Thank you heart

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Kiaru Augenc Report | 12/08/2009 3:56 pm
Kiaru Augenc
Hey happy late birthday! If you want that Ubi Fan I can get it for you no sweat. If want one PM me.
lluvialoxar1 Report | 12/06/2009 6:57 pm
do u like fairytail?
cheezckabooh_ Report | 10/22/2009 4:27 pm
i lyk ur bak ground!
XxdricZ454xX Report | 10/19/2009 1:37 am
oh hahahaha...
school still g-a-y huh>?
hehehe yeah here to!! smile
boring,gay,lame, and stupid..
well that good to hear english....SAME AS MY FAVORITE SUBJECT JEJEJEJEJE...
Yeah i have a facebook,,,
Can i add you?
please tell me your e-mail....=)
Akurai_x Report | 10/13/2009 12:25 pm
Lol, Then go to sleep... XD

I'm just getting A lil' Impatient with the latest [Naruto] episode...
From that i get a Lil' bored..
And then if there is like 2-5 new episodes then I get interested again.. XD

So, Any new anime you've watched? :3
Vocaloid Len Kagamine Kun Report | 10/13/2009 3:11 am
Vocaloid Len Kagamine Kun
lol, thx^^
Vocaloid Len Kagamine Kun Report | 10/13/2009 3:05 am
Vocaloid Len Kagamine Kun
hi, how's my avatar?
Akurai_x Report | 10/12/2009 1:45 am
Lol, until now your bored XD jk
wow i get realllllyyyyy little sleep hours i sleep around 3-6 hours of sleep...
but im used to it now razz

its vacation right now so..It's good
but boring at the same time cause i only went one time and didn't continue going out...
and still watching naruto X3

lol we really have boring life's
so anything new? biggrin
XxdricZ454xX Report | 10/05/2009 6:41 pm
hehehe Mizz yah too ~LOL
(Wow more people are not playing gaia much anymore)
heheheh well hello there how are you?
hows school?
whos the funvee?
do you have a facebook?
Akurai_x Report | 10/04/2009 1:08 pm
Thanks!! :3
Long time we havent commented each other X3

Hows Ya?

Stalk me?? O____O Jk, jk,~ ^^; Don't actually, I'll yell...>^<

Chaos on 12/19/2020

Leave me a message. I'm tired and bored to talk to me :3Here, I'll start: How are we today?? ^^

I realize that most of my avi's that I make are pretty much the same with the lips and the hair and that stuff, because I can't find other cute items that I like a lot and also because I just love the Oisin's Blessing eyes and also the Sundae lips and the Enchanted hair, but without your help I will just making these annoying dream avi's and never make my own. So, please, love me and help me if you can. Of course I'm working my a** off for the eyes as well so thank you <3

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