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Well, my name is Nate. My nickname is Jojo. My favorite color is Purple,
i play guitar, just another guy with a guitar. I want to be a Cowboy, that's right.
I said it. I'm 16 years old. I was born February, 26th, 1995.
When i look at a young boy playing with his dad, throwing a football. I cry.
There is many things in this world i do NOT understand.
There's very few i DO understand. I have a story for everything. I have a reason for everything. I'll love you, I'll hate you. I'll get over it don't worry. Ill be lovin' you once again, soon enough. I like Halo: REACH. I will OWN you. c: I play Mario, who couldn't love the plumber who is constantly saving the princess? Yoshi, is ******** adorable. Ever lost someone you held dear? Yepp. Sucks, doesn't it? Especially when you loved that person to death. Some will hate me, some will love me. Either way, your thinking about me. You tell me im cute, you tell me im sweet. Just remember, im the only me you'll meet. Please, don't make me a promise if your not going to keep it, okay? Its annoying. I enjoy being told I'm beautiful. I love to cuddle. I like having Movie Scene moments, i think they're romantic & fun. I love this song: Watching You by Rodney Atkins, it makes me cry. Remember when i said i had a reason for everything? My hair, i first grew it long to hide my face; now its just my style. Yes, i have a "Baby Face" that's just a part of me. I'm not skinny. I'm not horribly obese. I'm in the middle. Which is just okay with me. Every night i sleep with a Pikachu with a purple bandana wrapped around his head. No, I'm not ashamed. Why should i be? That's just Nate. I love my Ghetto-Chu. Besides, some of you think its cute. I love it when someone kisses me on the cheek or the head & tells me its okay, even when its not. I can talk on the phone for hours with someone & ramble on about how my day went. I'm insecure about many things. Ill doubt things for no reason. I'll get upset because you replied "Okay" or "lol". I have to talk about my feelings once a week or they swell up inside me & eat me from the inside.. & i turn.. rather evil inside /: I never raise my voice in anger. I love it when you ask me about my day. I will listen to you talk s**t about someone & agree with you until your all simmered out. I will hold your hand when your crying & kiss you on the cheek. I take 3 showers, minimum each day. I brush my hair, shake out the water, brush it again, shake out the water & brush once more & shake once again. Iron Man is my favorite Movie/Superhero. My song is You'll be in my heart by Teddy Geiger. I never forget. I may forgive, but i do NOT forget. When i tell you a lie, i will end up telling you the truth a second later. I like to lay on head on someones tummy & giggle at the sounds it makes. There is maybe one or two Justin Bieber songs i will listen to because they speak to me. Besides, you only make fun of him because he has more girls then you'll ever get. Truthfully, hes an amazing kid. Yeah, let it all out. Call me a f**. c: All done? Good. Unfortunately, im not Rhianna; i don't love the way you lie. I'm not afraid of death. I'm afraid of being left behind. Occasionally, I'm scared of the dark. Sometimes, I'm so tired i tell the things that go bump in the night to shut the ******** up so i can sleep. I am terribly afraid of clowns. Wanna know something? I'm afraid of scary movies. Haha, didn't expect that did you? Nahh, I'm not your macho boyfriend. I'm not like "******** these ghosts I'm not scared!" Nope. Although if i don't think a movies scary, then whatever. c: I will, randomly start smiling at times. I tend to get happier when i see my friends; I will try & cheer you up & WILL succeed! Well, that sums it up. That's not all of it. Ask me more. <3 If you read all of this, you really do love me. ♥