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Occupation: Student/animal lover/wannabe rockstar

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Anything you could ever want to know and quite possibly a lot of what you don't

i love music.. it's my life, my passion, what i dedicate myself too.. i'd love to be a rockstar, but hey, we can't all make it.

i love to sing. it's one thing that has kept me relatively sane.

i would rather be with animals than with people. and go ahead, tell me i'm a hippy treehugger for that. do it. i'll sick my bitchy cat on you.

i am a VERY passionate person, meaning, at some point, i will most likely offend you. i will defend this. i have very little tolerance for incompetance and melodrama.

i love deadrose-237.. he is my world, my october, my one and only and all that other mushy crap.. <3

schizophrenic panther is my one original homegirl. she has been with me for years and years and years and years and i love her. start something with her, i finish it.

i dislike discussing religion because of people's responses. i will say now: I GREATLY DISAGREE WITH CHRISTIANITY. if that offends you, then oh well. i rarely let religious differences discourage friendships with people and actually have several devout christian friends.

i am WICCAN. and proud of that fact. do not attempt to 'convert' me with promises of 'salvation.' i'm a big girl and i can take care of myself. i do NOT need or want the heaven you offer.

i love the earth and all that it encompasses, nothing is more calming than walking through the forest that surrounds my house.. i love wildlife, i love the rain, i love the trees, the freshness of the air, and the FREEDOM.

I love water.. i'm a water person: volatile and agreeable when in good moods, but also violent and irritable when in bad moods.

I AM IRISH AND PROUD. leave me and my transluscent skin alone!!!! you and your damn tans... (me sun=sun poisoning sad )

i am also very sarcastic. again, i will more than likely offend you. for that, i'm sorry. sometimes my humor can get out of hand and i have offended people with wit. but i love to write and my appreciation for sarcasm/cynicism in literature has influenced my speech and my own writing styles.

PM me to know more. i can actually be very kind, especially when discussing meaningful things.

I love to give advice and have been told i'm good at it. if you message me with a problem, i can promise you that i will give you my honest opinion, no holds barred. this means that you might be insulted (not outright, i'm not going to say 'you're an idiot,' but i will be BLUNT), as i have very very very little patience for mindless drama.




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Ria the Vampire Report | 09/22/2010 8:49 am
Ria the Vampire
cool avi
Spark of Madness Report | 05/06/2009 5:38 pm
Spark of Madness
you got a fallen wish! yay!
CoalStar Report | 03/23/2009 6:25 pm
HI! lol
Spark of Madness Report | 03/17/2009 5:27 pm
Spark of Madness
I love it!! The snake is awesome smile
Spark of Madness Report | 03/13/2009 5:41 pm
Spark of Madness
I was gonna get something from your wishlist for your birthday, but then I realized I'm poor. lmao. oh well. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
Tsuki Nushi Report | 03/07/2009 11:57 pm
Tsuki Nushi
User Image
I apologize if this pic's not working. It doesn't like some profile codes, and I can't seem to fix it. This is a thank you banner, not spam. Credit for this banner goes to Sashafey.
deadrose-237 Report | 03/06/2009 3:21 am
i have been up all night playing zomg. I have no life
Spark of Madness Report | 02/27/2009 5:23 pm
Spark of Madness
that would be a "hotel for dogs" puppy that I found for 3 gold in the marketplace. lol. he just needed somebody to love him.
Spark of Madness Report | 02/25/2009 5:45 pm
Spark of Madness
I gots a puppy!!! ...not a real one
Spark of Madness Report | 02/25/2009 5:43 pm
Spark of Madness CUTE!!!!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY GAIA!!!! -2.18.09- been a great few years!!!
(not a noob, lost old account)

♪♪92% of teens moved on to rap music. If you're part of the 8% that rock out everyday, put this in your Signature

tap the tank. you know you want to.


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