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welcome to hell! how may i flay you?

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Registered: 08/08/2007

Location: in your closet... to eat you!

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I'm wearing right now! (hopefully)


worthless information

My name isn't important. All you have to know is that I don't tolerate flamers, people who aren't willing to see both sides of a story, and homophobes. My best friend is a bisexual and I'm not afraid to kick anyone's a** if you make her cry! She is amazing! A bit of a loner. But so am I. What brightens up my day is when I can make her laugh, smile, and her knowing she can be just herself around me. I have this talent of utterly confusing people. Even myself. People have mistaken me for having a split personality. Thats not true! I just have conversations with myself. I do have a boyfriend. He is a gentleman. I have an editing min-shop. My biggest pet peeve is poorly written works of writing. Bad grammar doesn't exist in my world. I also believe books are people. So that means we should treat them with respect.

What you should not do to a book:
1. fold in half. (i will quite literally grab that book and not give it back until you promise to take good care of it)
2. dogtag the corners (eeeeeeekkkkk! there is no punishment for this sin.)
3. roll the cover and pages back while you are reading. (i will faint)
4. leaving a book open. (i will close it if i find a book like that.)
5. burning it. (biggest sin ever)

there. now oyu know my weaknesses. i will go insane if i see a maltreated book. if i find out you do these atrocities, BEWARE!!!!! i will find out where you sleep... lol. now back to reading.

My motto: If you think you are important, then nothing else can top that.

crazy comments, complaints, you name it, we ship it! lol.

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Barnibis_the_destroyer Report | 08/23/2009 8:00 am
Xiate Report | 07/06/2009 7:07 am
nice we had a star wars one earier last week ^^; my mom couldn't stand it
Xiate Report | 07/05/2009 7:56 pm
Well you get chapter 5 and if you want you can edit/read my other story that i have so far i don't have any chapters set up for it though
Xiate Report | 07/05/2009 6:14 pm
*laughs nervously* i didn't know you wanted to edit the other stories as well ^^;
Gothic Candy Report | 07/04/2009 3:11 pm
Gothic Candy
Here's a picture of my henna,

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its so shiny!
Gothic Candy Report | 07/03/2009 10:24 am
Gothic Candy
Me a b***h? Well that's not very nice you mother ********, anyway can't hang out for the next few weekends, we've got plans with my grandma.
Roccoa Report | 07/03/2009 6:00 am
Well actually a lot has happend. O o; Anyways, I guess right now I'm studying for my permit and trying to find a summer job if it's not too late. So you'll be 18 before the year is over, actually it seems a lot of my friends will be. Mean while I'm only 16, seems my friends are out-growing me. T.T
Gothic Candy Report | 06/18/2009 9:04 pm
Gothic Candy

Um duh! We could meet after either mine or rachels shift one day...racheal has them on monday and fridays....or maybe Wednesday you know when none of us are doing anything...I think Emma's gone away for vacation...and I'm going away next week on Thursday for a week so yeah...whatever you want to do whenever just after next week...and my grandmas here so it may be a little hard for me to sneak away to hang out...oh and dude get this my aunt sent me underwear as a XD that was the biggest lol moment of my life...don't worry I'll save some candies for cousins where to lazy to ever put anything together for you...I'll share!

Love you lots and lots and lots and lots and lots.... (you get the idea)
demongurl11 Report | 06/18/2009 1:55 pm
lol r u serious?
white_angelic brise Report | 06/16/2009 12:46 am
white_angelic brise

what I strive for!

I found my Edward Cullen............. Have you?
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QUESTING!!! A 30k banner for an editing shop.


mumble! omg! its mumble! yay!

Today is a sad day. Everyday is a sad day. My best friend is bisexual and I'm proud of her.