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How much free time I have...

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Watch this and spread it around! It's phenominally awesome!

Reila, Go read the lyrics.

Random Jrock compilations that'll make you cry.

The GazettE: Because music that destroys your eardums is good for you!




What Others have See Cloud Do:
- Cloud Eats Babies.
- Cloud steals women's undies.
- Cloud hates pie.
- Cloud hates half-breeds. (*cough*Inuyasha*cough*)
- Cloud Kicks Puppies.
- Cloud steals dentures from old people's mouths.
- Cloud rapes chipmunks.
- Cloud tips old ladies out of their wheelchairs.
- Cloud cast meteor.
- Cloud & Aeris murder moogles.
- Cloud locks women in his truck and abuses them. D:
- Cloud stole my birthday!
- Cloud stole Sephiroth's bike and took it for a joyride conveniently "forgetting" to bring it back just because he knew he could never afford one.
- Cloud uses Internet Explorer.
- Cloud drowned my puppy. ;-;
- Cloud is a *****.
- Clous is a necrophiliac.
- Cloud tried to steal Sephy from me.
- Cloud beat my mother and destroyed the family I never had o.o....
- Cloud killed my mommy and raped my daddy!
- Cloud stole my kitten then ate it for dinner D:
- Cloud corrupted my memory card
- Cloud cast doom on Barret
- Cloud Bit the Head Off a Baby Seal
- Cloud banged my my dog has aids.
- Cloud made me throw my controller against the wall because he sucks at fighting monsters D:
- Cloud pushed me and mother in to the life stream then he took away my piece of the black materia
- Cloud killed Aeris
- Cloud raped Jenova and hid her from her children and abuses her.
- Cloud made me grate a block of cheddar cheese while he listened to old billy joel songs and touched himself.
- Cloud sucks so much that even zack could beat him.
- Cloud made me rub lotion on his kneecaps while he DEFICATED on a kitten
- Cloud burned down my house and stole my sister and killed my cat! in the middle of the night!
- Cloud raided our WHOLE house, took Jenova (MOTHER), burned down our forest (including our house) and stole my motorbike! All even DRESSED as Sephiroth!
- Cloud made me give him a Bikini waxing and shave his armpits in order to impress the guys at Bumblebee Inn [♥♥ Props to this one!]
- Cloud killed my brother
- Cloud stole all of my underwear (he started to sniff them, GROSS!)
- Cloud stole my soul and tryed to clone me with his evil hatered for my lord Sephiroth
- Cloud stole christmas!
- Cloud stole a baby chocobo from a dying widow, killed it, and now wears it as a hat (though you can't tell the difference)
- Cloud helped Micheal Jackson find lil boys
- Cloud decicrated Jenova's head... by PEEING on it.
- Cloud hid the remote controller to the TV on Jenova[mother] and crossdressed and set it on my desktop background
- Cloud cut my face off and made my wife leave me taking everything...*sniff*
- Cloud made dead Zack his uke and stole my sock puppet
- Cloud chopped off our Lord's last remaining wing and then touched himself with it.
- Cloud stole my popsicle and used it for sexual innuendo.
- Cloud made me watch "How Stella Got Her Groove Back" five times in a row while he made grinding noises in an old office chair that my cat always sat on before Cloud came into my house and killed him and ate all his favorite chew toys
- Cloud went into my house and killed my familly then he did my two dogs then he cheated on Aeris with Tifa and both of them didn't know about it then he burnt his FFVII game and said it sucked...Cloud is evil I used to be under clouds mind control and was a general in his evil army Sephiroth showed me the way and rescued my so now I follow him and will never go back to Cloud
- Cloud stole my lunch money and used it to buy chipmunk porno
- Cloud stole my Xemnas plushie, put a POODLE skirt on it, and then RAPED IT!
- Cloud ate my head 'cause I was wearing my moogle hat.
- Cloud cast firaga on my hair, then put out the fire with his urine
- Cloud and barret were in the closet making babies and i saw the baby and the baby looked at me (nice Simpsons reference on this one,Lol)
- Cloud stole Foamy the Squirrel's snake cake.
- Cloud ambushed me at anime Expo, forced me to take a few pictures of me with him (I was cosplaying as Aerith), then drug me to all kinds of garbage that day, like the Tea ceremony, and the arcade, calling me his girlfriend the whole time! At the end of the day, he made me KISS him! On the LIPS! He took a picture of it, too! And if I didn't comply, he was going to hack me into bits with that giant sword! icon_crying.gif
- Cloud turned off my internets and put a hive of poison spiders in my favorite tree outside.
- Cloud raided my fridge of cheese and filled my CD drive with poo.
- Cloud stole my clarinet and used it for his pleasure...
- Cloud plotted against Sephiroth making Sephiroth bishies, making Gaia phail, and making horrible clones of Sora as an army of retards closely depicting himself.
- Cloud defied all final fantasy VII laws when he used omnislash on sephiroth in advent shildren... in mid air.. he cannot fly last time i checked
- Cloud stole my copy of advent children and gave me the edited version, Minus my beautiful Sephiroth, and just put in video clips of him with blow up doll dressed as Aerith!
- Cloud Deflected One of Chuck Norris's Invincible Round House Kicks (Except Against Lord Sephiroth of Course) then killed Chuck with a round house of his Own.
- Cloud tied my friend up and made him dress up in a giant pocky costume and drop him off in a pile of hungry anime fans at a convention and then took pics...
- Cloud dressed up as a ninja easter bunny and threw eggs at kids instead of giving them out.
- Cloud unloaded horrible fanfiction onto the internet, all with blatant self-insertion!
- Cloud destroyed Rufus Shinra's empire.
- Cloud took a number two on the Alamo.
- Cloud made my hair look like his and danced to the "i'm too sexy" song forcing me to watch.
- Cloud took all of my Magic The Gathering cards and he scattered them all about my room ranting about his plot to destroy Jenova then using my strobe light to rave naked while urinating all over my cards and then proceded to cast Firaga apon them. And used Bolt to static discharge my motherboard.
- Cloud broke into my room, destringed my bass and flossed his a** with the strings!
- Cloud, along with Aerith stole my Sephiroth-sama plushie and used the buster sword and gutted it, then stuffed it with dead rats before putting it in a blender and setting it to HIGH and blending
- Cloud was riding on a broom nude pretending to be Harry Potter.
- In Advent Children Cloud was using other people as platforms to use in jumping. He made their clothes dirty and caused physical pain.
(Lolita is cool)
- Cloud used Moogles to storm my bio classroom and controlling their minds forced us to watch him "re-inact" the first time him and aeris met with my old bio teacher, reminding me of how I never want to be that old (Nor see anyone that old unclothed again) and it set me to the mind track that just as our brother sephiroth, I must keep pimping it well into my glory days and beyond
- Cloud went around saying that he had sex with me when in fact that he had sex with my frog. I can never look at my frog the same way ::sniff::
- Cloud was a cheap a** b*****d and used Omnislash 5 when he was getting his a** handed to him by Lord Sephiroth
- Cloud took my moogle plushie and made it turn tricks......with himself!
- Cloud gave me a bad haircut with really old scissors and then taped my hair to my foot and began to hump the side of my fishtank.
- Cloud played ddr while still having his Buster Blade equipped, leading to massive decapiations of specatators, which led police arriving, which led to him running away, which led to an investigation of the arcade, which led to me not even getting to go on ddr...
- Cloud ate all my smexy pics of Sephiroth and then plucked all the hairs off my dogs to make himself a mustache so he could try on the bras at Victoria's Secret without getting banned again.
- Cloud broke my toe when I tried to kick him on the TV for killing Sephiroth! Oh, yeah. The whole killing Sephiroth thing. I saw that too. But he broke my friggin toe!
- Cloud stole another man's clothes, stole his sword, stole his style and then had the nerve to suck.
- Cloud was perving on naked Moogles
- Cloud turned into a REAL Cloud and rained acid upon a field of kittens being chased by domos.
- Cloud spread a horrific STD to all the children in advent children and tried to play it off as "GeoStigma". Blamed it on Sephiroth. Geostigma? ya right, everyone knows that Cloud is so evil that sex with him causes instant death. Look what happened to Aerith!

Alright, I took that from the Sephirothians guild, but it's still true!!

Donator(ish) people:
Chibi like cookies
Musuko_daughter_fullblooded or something like that... she changed her name

Don't ask how I found these...




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Kei Cafe Report | 12/22/2009 2:17 pm
Kei Cafe
o.Olll Wait, what were we talking about??? xD
Kei Cafe Report | 11/01/2009 4:37 pm
Kei Cafe
Nah, too fat to be a worm....unless you split it down the middle and sread it out.... O.o
Kei Cafe Report | 11/01/2009 4:21 am
Kei Cafe
Uncooked bacon is just not attractive .-.
Kei Cafe Report | 10/28/2009 6:49 pm
Kei Cafe
HAH, SIZZLE! *mental images of bacon...*
Kei Cafe Report | 10/28/2009 6:48 pm
Kei Cafe
My other accomplishmentsizzle?
Kei Cafe Report | 10/20/2009 12:20 pm
Kei Cafe
I will, man, I will.

Yeah, that's rightizzle! I'm totally ghetto nowizzle!


Huge failizzle.
Kei Cafe Report | 10/16/2009 6:42 pm
Kei Cafe
Ah, well, you have fun with that!
Kei Cafe Report | 10/15/2009 10:53 am
Kei Cafe
Anyways, what's up?, hows life?
Kei Cafe Report | 10/14/2009 6:10 am
Kei Cafe
>.> Oh kno yew di'ant!
Kei Cafe Report | 10/12/2009 7:26 am
Kei Cafe
HEY! You made me do it!!!

Of course, that never aired in America, but it did in Japan. The Japanese have different views on that sorta thing, its not disturbing, its funny.


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Nippongo no Uta




Cassis subbed

Oh, how Death Note has changed...


Taion, Fansubbed

This'll make any Jrocker cry... or laugh, your choice.





If you're here, you're bored

Welcome to the home of the Original burning snowman!!(Still working for Pocky)

ATTENTION, I took another AP class, so I need to go READ... a LOT. If I don't reply quickly, it doesn't mean I hate you. *cough cough* >.>

Only COOL kids can properly Caramelldansen. The rest of you FAIL!

Should I find a fangirl who doesn't like Yaoi, I would be eternally grateful. *nod nod*