Forever and Always


hi homos and hobos!
haha, j/k. it's brenda! i'm also known as "drunken doughnut" on gaia. well, let me tell you something about a girl named samantha. she's hella cool. well, not cool as if you would call her constipated overweighted out of style looser. nooo! haha, i think i have a spelling error somewhere up there. oh well! well, sammy is such an awesome person to hang with, and lemme tell you on thing, she hates copycats! ffurreal tho, i swear. don't copy her, or i'll kick your little a/ss! sam's like my best sister ever, and she's my best. aha, so go talk to her or something. oh, pluuus, she doesn't go on too much, but she will reply your comments ( if she likes you, haha! ) :'D

w/love, brendaallyson. (=