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BobCatHOH Report | 03/21/2010 5:11 pm

Can you draw manga? If yes, are you interested in earning Gaia gold for drawing manga?
MyShAtTeReDmEmOrY Report | 03/18/2010 2:04 pm
Eh. No problem. It's not like I been waiting or anything like that. Tch. Heh. Heh... Actually I hadn't lived there very long. My dad's in the military so we move often. Sure it sucks, but I learned to manage. We had only been there for... two and a half years. I miss my friends, but I adapt well. I've made a bunch of new friends and it's really nice here. Everything's so close and because we live on a military base I can just walk anywhere. I don't know how I survived. I just had to perservere. No matter how much it pained me. *tear*

I don't know... I suppose it could be a mixture of both. Culture and genes. And that viscious cycle thing, of course. Can't leave that out. I wonder if they think our voices are low...Hmmm... Maybe they're not the ones with high voices. Maybe it's just that we've developed the mind set that their voices are high because ours are so rediculously low? Shugo Chara is... I can't really explain it. It's kind of just.. there. It was an okay plotline but very Shonen-ey. I'm over Shugo now though... I've moved on to more... mature plot lines. Like Ouran High School Host Club XD

There hasn't been one tornado here yet! I'm happy! Then again it isn't tornado season so... I've grown up everywhere. From Texas to New York. I'm pretty adjusted to most climates. Even high altitude. I lived in Colorado so... Ahahahaha! California! I've always wanted to go. It just seems... Oh I dunno... sunny? XD Valley girls... *shivers* They're... Scary. And conceited. But surfers, I can handle surfers. They're awesome. Movie stars, not so much. Oh oh! Maybe they'll watch you in your sleep and follow you around like an ultimate creepy stalker! And save you from a van coming to crush you and, and *shot*

Wicked was absolutely amazing! The scenery was absolutely amazing and the music, Oh, the music! It was so so so so cool!
MyShAtTeReDmEmOrY Report | 01/11/2010 6:14 pm
No problemo. What'd it take me, like two months, to reply to you? No big at all. Ugh. Stuff. I hate stuff. It clogs up my day and gives me less tie to deal with the seemingly endless piles of stupid freaking algebra that I'm stuck with crying Moving wasn't bad except for the fact that I had to leave all my friends, my school, my house, and everything else. It was indeed crazy, though. For like a week we didn;t have cable OR internet! And I just would NOT stand for that. No sirree. XD

That's true. They have gotten much better. I'll agree with you there. The Japanese ladies' voices scare me sometimes *shiver* I always think of Larxene when I think of Japanese women;s voices. Her voice just chills me. It's scary! I have, though, heard a few lower, more "American sounding" Japanese voices. Blue from Wolf's Rain, for example, isn't as high-pitched as, say, almost any female from Shugo Chara. But then again, that's just Shugo XD No it isn't just cartoons. It has the reject shows that no one ever watches anymore XD

Kansas. So yeah, you actually have a pretty accurate discription there XD IT ACTUALLY SNOWED THOUGH! YAY! I actually like colder climates, to tell you the truth. Well not so much cold as chillyish. Washington? Eh. I've been to Oregon. If Washington's anything like Oregon, I think it might be nice. Just make sure you don't meet up with any werewolves, vampires, loch ness monsters, aliens, monsters, stuff like that. Um, yeah. You most definately need warm clothes for Washington. You'll freeze your butt off.

I saw Wicked! Woop! It was so cool!
MyShAtTeReDmEmOrY Report | 12/05/2009 8:42 pm
Gah! It took me sooo long to reply! Imma sowwy! I moved and there was a bunch going on and school sucked and I had a bunch of lessons and and... In other words, I have neglected Gaia, and therefore, have forgotton to reply to this until now XD

That's true, but I just can't stand a lot of the english voices! I think the best dubbed show I've seen thus far has to be FullMetal Alchemist. It seems like the voice actors did a very good job of keeping the speaking sound more... fluent than, say, Naruto. To me it just sounds like choppy, bad emphasized (sp?) speaking. I get thrown off at English voices all the time if I've been watching subbed episodes of shows. I've recently gotten an addiction to Wolf's Rain. I'll watch, say, five episodes subbed, then I can't find another one, so I'll listen to it dubbed. It gives off a whole nother... vibe I guess would be the word XD All I know is that in some animes it doesn't matter if it's in Japanese or English, it's always gonna be hammy *cough*Shugo Chara*cough* About the text thing, I've learned to get used to that. All the Kingdom Hearts games have gotten me ammune to it XD Oh. Well it's actually that new Disney channel. It's called Disney X.D. I watched a few episodes os Shippuden the other night and found myself COMPLETELY lost. XD

I walk that line on a daily basis. It's basically the way I live. XD *sob* I moved! No more snow! I miss it so much! Gah! I'm in the middle of freaking NOWHERE! Pfft. Freezing your butt off at 60 degrees? You would definately die in Colorado. In the spring. Which is always cold XD I've noticed that instead of the common four seasons, CO has two. Hot, blistering summer, and freeze your butt of and die winter. For the rest of the year, the weather kind of does whatever it wants. It's totally bipolar XD Meh. I threw it out. I'll do another one. Then ink it. Then scan it. Then photoshop it. Then send it to you. By that time there will have probobly been another ice age. Aw! That's gonna be cuteee~<3

Tch! How many times I gots to say it!? You are NOT old! OH! Guess who turned thriteen! X3
MyShAtTeReDmEmOrY Report | 10/29/2009 11:59 am
GAAAAAAAH!!!!! I HATE DUBS!!! They make the voices way over acted... poor Gaara... He sounds like Nightcrawler XD Well, they started showing it on Cartoon Network. I watched it last night even though I'm way behind where the first ep of Ship is... I'm still on the Chuunin exams. Episode... 74.... I think. Ugh I hate fillers... They're annoying and have nothing to do with the plot. Hense the name "filler" _ _;; Yes, unfortunately. The God-moding was insanely awdful.

Yeah. They all have awesome senses of humor. The only thing is, there is a fine line between being funny and disrespectful... I tend to walk that line a lot... Mostly just coughing and feeling overall like crap. But I'm used to it by now, so no big. It's been two snow days in a row now. WHEW! Aw! No snow!? That's sad. I dunno what I'd do without snow. I love it. I have to move, though, so there's going to be a lot less snow for me D: No. You do NOT want to see. I think I deleted it as well. I'll try to finish it if you really want me to...

Wasn't too bad. It was kind of fun considering all of us were intense writers. Haha. Poor lonely emo-like people. Emo people are the best, though. I have a friend who talks in emo peotry all the time. I swear she could write half the things she says down, and make a fortune.

Tch. Not old at all.

MyShAtTeReDmEmOrY Report | 10/28/2009 11:47 am
True, but it's still awesome ^^ Hm... I should read the manga and not watch the shows... It goes faster and gives more information... Only thing is, I have no idea where I'd be in the manga... Hm... GAH! I HATE GOD-MODING!!!

Eh, I'm used to it by now... Most of my teachers make fun of me, but the benefit of that is the fact that I make fun of them right back whee I'm still sick _ _;; Then again, I always tend to be sick ... hm... It has been snowing like CRAZY here... Where I live, we have two seasons, not four XD School got canceled so I've been uber happy... and on the cpu all day ^^ Speaking of which... I was reading Lexcore this morning! Then I tried to do a Bezel and Kuric fanart... I apologize for distorting their faces... Even if you don't end up seeing it ^^

Guild leaders are always crazy XD I was one at one point... I quit due to overwhelming pressure, and also the fact I can't make layouts worth crap... Or do anything with graphics for that matter ^^;; Lonely people tend to be funny to listen to though. They're like emo, but not XD Yeah... I know heh... Pfft. If you're old, then... then.... Well I'll think of something XD
MyShAtTeReDmEmOrY Report | 10/09/2009 12:19 pm
Psh! You kidding me? Without the over-shounen-y quality, it just wouldn't be Naruto.... It'd be... I b'knows.... Something anti-Naruto... XD Tch. Heck no! I'm on episode 58 of the old series XD If I were caught up with the manga, I'd be extraordinarily confused.

_ _;; Yeah. She woke me up, made me stand up in front of the class, and then she yelled at me for like 5 minutes... Good times... Good times... _ _ Haha! I like that teacher! Unless I was the girl, of course. Still, sounds like an awesome prank! Yeah I've been sick for four days now... I'm gonna have loads of homework as soon as I get back ^^;;

She kicked out almost half the guild... We all ended up hating her XD I actually don't go to sites like that anymore... The live chats tend to turn for the worst... You don't wanna know -shivers- So much e-raping XDD -2 years actually ^^;; as soon as November rolls around, I will officially be a teen... So yeah... 15 - 2 in November...
MyShAtTeReDmEmOrY Report | 10/06/2009 3:01 pm
Yeah.. He went out after about 10 minutes and left Naruto do clean up the job with his Nine-Tails chakra... Uh Sakura was protecting the old guy I believe. Yeah. She didn't do much until Sasuke "died"... Then she cried over him and he told her to stop... Typical anime drama XD

Oh I fell asleep in history last year.... not fun... My teacher was SO PISSED! Well she was back at school today, and she seemed fine, but I'm still being a little cautious... YES! That is EXACTLY what happens! I'm like the perfect picture of health (tch I wish) and then bedrest for a week... It sucks, but it gets me out of class, so... whee

Yes. Very seriously. I used profanity once, and was kicked out. The guild leader was all, "No one would ever use that sort of language in a professional role play. You are here by banned." I was like WHAAA? First of all, there are no "professional role plays" and second, if you think no one uses that kind of language, then you should just go to ACTUAL rp sites.... Pssh. You're not even close XD I'm probobly waaayyyyy younger than you think I am....
MyShAtTeReDmEmOrY Report | 10/05/2009 5:10 am
Haku totally would've pwned Sasuke if not for Naruto... Well, Sasuke was dead for like 5 minutes....

No my math teacher's okay... She just... Yeah... XD Wow.. That sounds like an annoying teacher. I would probobly not pay any attention, fail the class, and be happy XD Well my math teacher was gone all last week, and there's a pretty good chance she has H1N1, which scares the hell outta me... I almost never get really sick, and when I do, I tend to catch anything pretty quickly... Wait, did that even make sense...? Meh, it's too early... _ _;;

Yeah... They would all get mad at me for not posting in the rp guilds and kick me out XD Stinks for them, too, cuz I'm a pretty darned good role player, if you ask me. Humph... Well the quarter's almost over, believe it or not... And the long term projects are mostly done. Guess what year I'm in! I bet you a cookie you won't be able to whee
MyShAtTeReDmEmOrY Report | 09/28/2009 7:59 pm
Haha. Sounds like fun, even for the stupid people XD Haku was so cool. His Crystal Mirror technique was absolutely amazing. It was really cool.

Well, for most of the teachers I've had they were good teachers, but not mean. I just didnt like them ^^;; The teachers I have this year are pretty cool. I love my art teacher. She's hilarious. My math teacher is like bipolar though o_o She'll be laughing with us one second and then the next she's yelling at us to get to work XD Either way, I haven't really had awful teachers, just some decent ones who I didn;t like.

Well, it was kind of like that _ _;; Sometime I would be on for all day, and then other times I wouldn't come on for a month. I think that's what they would call inactive. But I still didn't get it, because I was on nearly all weekend. ^^;; Heh... Me and my Neopets days XD Yeah, I;ve been getting used to doing my homework at night, but there's just so much... I'm not good with long term projects, and that seems to be all we happen to be getting right now. I have a huge science project due tomorrow that I'm almost done with, but I crammed all of it in this afternoon. We had over a month to do it XD


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