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Cookie1539 Report | 11/29/2010 3:54 pm
Tell meeeeeeee
Cookie1539 Report | 11/29/2010 3:39 pm
:c crying crying crying Fine xD
Cookie1539 Report | 11/29/2010 3:22 pm
aha u should have Mike and Austin hang wif us razz
Cookie1539 Report | 11/29/2010 3:14 pm
Cookie1539 Report | 11/29/2010 3:10 pm
NO ITS NOT scream XD
Cookie1539 Report | 11/29/2010 12:58 pm
Okz(: domokun
Cookie1539 Report | 11/27/2010 6:32 pm
Heyy uhh I literally am doing nothing tomorrow sweatdrop mayb we can hang out.? xd Because I hav no life lol gonk P.S.- DOMO!!! domokun domokun domokun domokun domokun
Cookie1539 Report | 11/26/2010 2:23 pm
oooo whens the concert and wuts up wif u and mike talkin about pie?? xD
Cookie1539 Report | 11/26/2010 1:32 pm
OMGGGGG U SAW ANDY SIXX'S B-E-A-UTIFUL FACEEE IMMA B JELOUS!!!!!!! heart heart heart heart scream scream scream scream scream xd
Cookie1539 Report | 11/23/2010 7:09 pm
Ur background iz sexi dude User Image


lmfao read all blaugh
M. SHADOWS: "The Rev still pay for hookers or waits until girls are passed out. Zacky always has gotten girls. Synyster doesn't like them unless they are under 16 and Justin impregnates every girl he meets."

ZACKY VENGEANCE: "I play guitar and ******** little girls.. And drink."

SYNYSTER GATES: "The most important part of a song is the solo. Everybody knows that, right? Everybody knows that!"

M. SHADOWS: "Zacky Vengeance shaves his a**."
ZACKY VENGEANCE: "Waxing's far too embarrasing!"

SYNYSTER GATES: "We're just touring around."
RANDOM GUY: "Cool, so I guess you're a band?"
SYNYSTER GATES: "Uuh.. Zigman.. It's a weird one, but.. It's a weird name, so please don't laugh."
RANDOM GUY: What was that?"
SYNYSTER GATES: "It's called Zigman.. It's a weird one, you can't laugh. 'Cause so many pepole have laughed."
RANDOM GUY: "Okay, I won't laugh.."
SYNYSTER GATES: "Zigman Freud does his own mother."


SYNYSTER GATES: "I'll sit on the table. By table I mean chair."

ZACKY VENGEANCE: "You can't spell bass without a**!"

ZACKY VENGEANCE: "Yeah, can I bite you?"

ZACKY VENGEANCE: "Johnny's in space, The Rev's in jail, Synyster's in Germany, Shadows knocks down walls and I cure cancer then forgot how I did it."

SYNYSTER GATES: "I'm about to pee in the shower on 1, 2, 3. And that's how you pee incagnito!"

M. SHADOWS: "We can never be serious.. What's wrong with us!?"

SYNYSTER GATES: *Talking to a random french guy* "Pink is the new black! Pink is the new black! Pink is the new black! Piiiink is the new black!" ... *Talks to the camera* "When we all know that ******** black is the new black! Silly french.."

ZACKY VENGEANCE: "I want to have x-ray vision, sometimes. Just so I can check out Syn's package."

THE REV: "Well, what a great.. What a great audience! What a great audience!"

SYNYSTER GATES: "Just so you know! You don't play with Your neck, bro! You play it with your bum-bum!"

SYNYSTER GATES: "Just.. You know.. I need to go to bed! That's just the ******** bottomline."

THE REV: "I'm outa here, I'm only playing one song, and I'm not coming back for ten years! And when I come back..!"

ZACKY VENGEANCE: "The death bat was drawn by a small Norwegian man."

SYNYSTER GATES: "Take the shot! Take the shot! Yummy! Yummy!"

ZACKY VENGEANCE: "I like hip-hop, I like yay music."

ZACKY VENGEANCE: "I'm Zacky Vengeance, and I play gynecologist!" *holds up guitar*


THE REV: "What's up, Regina?"

SYNYSTER GATES: "Wow, dude, the Sufflè. That's cool, that's what eggs do! That's how you make the Sufflè! I just figured it out! Eggs.."

SYNYSTER GATES: "Boom, I got Your boyfriend! I got your man! And she was so sad and I laughed so hard!"

THE REV: "One day, dude, I'm just gonna get of the bus, and I'm gonna.. I'm gonna run into the woods, and I'm NEVER coming back! And when I come back, I'm gonna be the knife master! .... And I'm NEVER coming back! And when I come back..."

SYNYSTER GATES: "Flippin' 'round! Rrrr!"

SYNYSTER GATES: "He's got a boner."

M. SHADOWS: "There's ******** Syn-crap everywhere!"

THE REV: "Oh s**t.. Oh s**t! What's in the bucket? What's in the bucket, but a bucket a grapes and grapes in the mouth. Grapes in the mouth make you happy down south. Make you get a big boner, whatcha gonna do?"

THE REV: "This is a lesson about life: This is one person. This is another person. This is one person trying to understand another person, even though it doesn't have room to download the other person into it's brain. It cannot understand the other person, even though it tries to. So he ends up overflowing with knowledge."
SYNYSTER GATES: "Beeing stupid."

SYNYSTER GATES: "I hope they realize that music is music, and that music is not a scene, not a style. Music is a beautiful ******** thing to listen to. It is not a thing to ******** preach to others about, it's not a ******** cause. It is what it is and that's a beautiful artform."

ZACKY VENGEANCE: "We have pins that say '******** Hardcore'."

ZACKY VENGEANCE: "I think the invitation was something to the effect of 'We have lots of beer and we need your help drinking it.' Naturally we said yes."

FAN: "Hi, My name is Angy and my question to A7X is 'What would each one of you do if you were all stranded on a deserted island with Captain Jack Sparrow?'"
ZACKY VENGEANCE: "Okay, if I was stranded on an island. Okay, if I was stranded on an island with Captain Jack Sparrow I would.. Beat his a**, get real drunk, then beat his a** again and then tell him to make the movies not so long and tell him to lose the outfit 'cause Johnny Depp's just cool just how he is."
SYNYSTER GATES: "*Pirate voice* Steal his rum and get into an arrrghument."

THE REV: "Just a spoonfull of Jimmy helps the whole world go down!"

THE REV: "Let's see what is up with this dog today... *picks up Synyster's dog, and it starts spazzing out* Hey dog. What's wrong with you? Dog! *puts down the dog and it walks away completely fine* Jesus Christ!"

THE REV: "I'm gonna kill you."
THE REV: "Because I have mental problems."
MANAGER: "Well don't kill me."
THE REV: "Because I need Lasik!"

THE REV: "Look at the size of that ******** duck! LOOK AT THAT DUCK!!! JESUS CHRIST!! *starts running after it* Come here, you ********.. stallion duck!"

ZACKY: "Okay, this is cool, the Rev's crazy, y'know?"
THE REV: *at a BMW* "WHY?!?!?!"

SYNYSTER GATES: *after messing up on guitar* "Goddammit! I can't ********... stay in my own head for that long!"

M. SHADOWS: "I didn't hear anything."
SYNYSTER GATES: "I'm pretty sure I did because I heard God crying."

THE REV: "******** Prada! Lickin' on my nuts, suckin' on my nuts, suckin'... ********' grindin' DOWN on dem nuts."

M. SHADOWS: "Val!"
VAL: "Ya?"
M. SHADOWS: "Can you get the dog, it keeps running into the walls"

THE REV: "Did he say 'drop your pants sailor' by any chance?"

M. SHADOWS: "Synyster Gates is a genius"

M. SHADOWS: "We wanted to show the world that we could play our instruments and do our thing" *shrugs* "So we decided to do it."

ZACKY VENGEANCE "We can't do the band and try to p***y foot around with what were doing. Like lets do this for these kids and these for these kids. ******** that! Let's do what we do, if there's a chance to watch us and you hate us and talk down on us you have every right to. But I promise you someday if you hate us because of what success we have now I promise someday you'll like this music."

THE REV: "It hurts me to cut this ********' beautiful tie."
ZACKY VENGEANCE: "Cut the s**t outa this."
THE REV: "You do it

THE REV: *lookin in the mirror and getting ready* "Get that camera off me!"

THE REV: *sitting on a couch*"G-g-g-g-g-G Unit!"
ZACKY VENGEANCE: "G-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-G UNIT!"

RANDOM DUDE: "So how much are you looking forward to the show?"
THE REV: "Not at all, I am lookin forward to watching it."
M. SHADOWS: "I thought he was going to say I am looking forward to drinking after it."

JOHNNY CHRIST: "I don't really do anything. I just kinda stand here and watch everyone warm up and it helps me warm up. And then I just do a little bit of this" *jumps and dances around* "And a little kick like that" *kicks* "And I am good."

JOHNNY CHRIST: "I had a lot of fun out there...and now...I think I am going to go eat food and get drunk."

THE REV: "Hey! I had an epileptic ******** seizure, dude! Yeah, I was looking directly there and then all the lighting, like I couldn't see drums or the crowd or anything. But just crazy colors. Nothing but flashing and explosion and I'm all OH MY GOD! I'm all am I concience? And then I just closes my eyes and tried to hibernate. It's crazy."

M. SHADOWS: "Alright man I'm with my boy Zacky V here."
M. SHADOWS: "Uhh.. We're gonna come out in about 15 minutes. You ready to rock Zacky?"
M. SHADOWS: "Do what?"
M. SHADOWS: "I guess we're gonna do it in about 15 minutes! See ya out there Tampa."

M. SHADOWS: *sitting on a couch* "I just wanted you all to know that Johnny Christ is my best friend. Johnny christ is the leader of Avenged Sevenfold. Johnny Christ writes all the songs, without Johnny Christ Avenged Sevenfold would be nothing. We all hail Joohnny Christ." *looks up* "Is that good dude?"
JOHNNY CHRIST: *has a paintball-gun pointing at Matt's head* "That's good."

ZACKY VENGEANCE: "I started playing guitar... I mean I've always loved music but I wanted to be rich and get laid... a lot"
SYNYSTER GATES: "urmmm..." *chuckles*
*both laugh*
SYNYSTER GATES: "I like.. I like the fingering and ummm... as apposed to uhhh... palming and there for" *does a little air drumming* "you know, as opposed to that"
*Zacky laughs loudly*
ZACKY VENGEANCE: "What does it all mean?"
SYNYSTER GATES: "Yeah, it was just uhh.. you know the smart choise to make..

every where i go!!

b**ches always know!

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