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Ashley: your my awsum pasum friend that always has my back and I always have yours. we are teamates on the soccer field and off the field we are like besties i can talk to you about anythin and you can talk to me about anythin.

Twin(aka Emily): your my twin we have all the same clothes which is actually strange but idk what i would do with out you. i love you (no homo) we don't c each other often since your a cheerleader and i am soccer player but hey we always text and talk and you always come over to my house.

Julie: your also one of my awsum pasum friends we don't talk much but hey thats what makes us friends. we always play soccer together even though you always beat me becuzz you have been playin longer but hey who cares u are always gonna be my bestie

Kirkland: haha i seriously dont know what i do with out i love you like a bro but sometimes we get in fights but we always recover we have art together and you are such a perv lookin at naked women in magizines but i guess your a guy so u cant help it. u always have a way to make me laugh and i will never forget u

Dakota: your a wrestler and a football player and you always stick up for me you all ways give me hugs and always gives me advice and we both have each others back you make me laugh like kirkland we have art together and for some odd reason you sit on my lap and say you know you like it which by the way i dont but i still love you like a brother

Jessica: we met last year and you always put nice things about me on your gaia and you always give me advice on things and what not and i always have your back on things and you always have mine

Willie: we dont talk much and always make fun of you becuzz ur albino but hey we still talk and what not

Leann: we are good friends you are my teamate on the field and off the field you are my bestie and i never will forget

Nic: you are funny but can get on my nerves sometimes and we get in fights sometimes but we always recover

Some friends that I miss back in California

Alenah: she is really cool and we always talk on yahoo but we dont have much in common but that is what made us friends

Jessee: we were good friends we got in to fights sometimes but we always recovered we always talked on the phone we both made my phone bill sky rocket but we didn't care

Diego: we went out and we broke up but we still talked i loved him then and i love hm now as a brother

Alyssa: we talk on yahoo and on gaia but we dont talk much as we used to and i hope we could start talking more

Hanna: we were teamates in the pool and outside of the pool we were best friends we always spent the nite each others house and we always swam together you were a really good friend we always goofed around and i regret moving me and you actually made a plan to make me live at ur house and let my parents move all the over here in north carolina but it didn't work which sucked because i miss every single one of my friends that i might have not listed but i still do care about and i will never forget them I regret moving but i had no choice thats one thing i hate about being in a military family you have to move and i miss every one to death i hope you guys all remember me over there in california becuzz i will never forget you guys and i will always love you guys and sometimes i wish i was there graduateing the 6th grade with you guys and going to the 7th with you guys but i of course i am stuck here in north carolina


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Katssy Report | 01/04/2011 7:50 am
heyy sorry just dont come online much! thanks for the message smile
Alycia1284 Report | 08/06/2010 11:56 am
wow ur on biggrin
simplepaul Report | 04/16/2010 7:50 pm
good luck...hope you win....

i wish i could play...
Alycia1284 Report | 10/19/2009 4:26 pm
LightbulbSmasher Report | 10/10/2009 5:00 pm
Ah well I hope you guys win.
LightbulbSmasher Report | 10/07/2009 8:09 pm
Haha don't stress about it.
I'm just kidding.

Oh good, I'm glad I don't look that way because I don't. (;
LightbulbSmasher Report | 10/07/2009 2:18 pm
Even better; sitting on the couch is not a good thing. ^^

Haha yeah, kinda sucks.
But when you put it that way, it makes it seem like a terrible thing to sit on the couch. d:
LightbulbSmasher Report | 10/06/2009 8:04 pm
Ahhh well, it's good to find some way to busy yourself, I suppose.
Beats sitting on the ouch all dy like I do. : D

Then again, now with school started, not much of that can be done anymore.
I know I hate it.
LightbulbSmasher Report | 09/19/2009 1:36 pm
Nothing much, just trying to fix my sleeping schedule and getting ready for school.
And the usual sit-on-my-a**. : D

How about you?
LightbulbSmasher Report | 09/17/2009 11:04 am
Probably, yeah.
Since you get to see how it's used in a sentence better that way.



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