I have been on Gaia for about 4 years now
each year it becomes more and more STUPID . All the " hackers " and " Scammers " increase and all the " donators " and " Good Gaians " decrease . I have been hacked , scammed and everything else in the book . But I have also been donated too , secretly gifted and much more . I ask my self at time " Why am i still on this site ? , It's addicting and all but what is it's purpose " . I realied it's purpose is too not only draw you into a world of money , characterism and a place where you can be yourself without showing your face BUT this is also a place to take you away from the real world and it's bigger issues and problems . Well to my Fellow Gaians , I will soon depart from this life . I leave you with this question , What does Gaia do for YOU and your LIFE ?