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Lets see. I'm actually a girl in real life (I like the guy avatar!), my favorite TV show is Naruto, I'm a anime/manga/video game nerd, and my favorite food is Angel Food Cake. I JUST made up a word- Shurmanzapa- which means "awesome". My fish are emo right now, no idea why. If you need help, I'll try to help you. (BTW, I messed up on my B-Day. It's actually 7/20)


Alright, here's a game I thought up. It's called "Tektek Take"
The Point To create a tektek of yourself that fits the catagories below!

The Rules 1. Remember to credit me, Mrich1200, for creating this game
2. Be creative, but remember to put something in your tektek so people can tell it's you (Hair, Skin color, eyes, similar clothes, ect.)
3. If you think this was 'your idea', the only credit I have was to the "Tektek your..." game, created by iPuppetmaster because that was the only tektek game I saw!
4. Please PM me if you finish this game, I might put a link to your profile in here!
5. Oh yeah, explain why you tektek'd yourself like that. That way your fans can learn more about you! biggrin
6. Another oh yeah, erase the ()s because those are just useless sidenotes.
Contestants so far
Jelly spike
Alright, so here's the things you have to Tektek yourself as-

1. Normal you.
2. Opposite gender you.
3. Opposite you (aka, Another dimmension you)(aka I'D NEVER LOOK LIKE THAT you)
4. Giant monster you
5. Pirate you
6. Inner physco you
7. Past you (You as a kid!)
8. Future you (What do you think you'll be and do in the future? Or just how you think you will look in the future.)
9. Animal you (Don't just put a dog there...)
10. Business person you
11. Sugar you (aka You after you've eaten a lot of sugar.)
12. Cosplay you (Yourself in your favorite anime/ game)
13. Stereotype you (Yourself in the stereotype that's clostest to you.)
14. Opposite stereotype you (Above, just the one that's the most different.)
15. Princess you (Yes, even guys have to do this. No gender switching!)
16. Prince you (Yes, even girls have to do this. No gender switching!)
17. WTF you (Random mode ON!)
18. God/ Goddess you
19. Hobo you
20. Create your own you (Change the title to whatever catagory you shoose, though)(Also, put CYO so we know what step it is)
***BONUS!*** Make a tektek comic about yourself and your friends explaining one of the situations above!

Alright, so here's an example (and mine =w= )
1. Normal you.
User Image
I like drawing and reading, so I guess the book could be either one. I'm not really fashion concious (Spelt wrong and i don't care.)
2. Opposite gender you.
User Image
I probably wouldn't change that much sweatdrop I'm kind of a tomboy right now. Though I don't think he'd be afraid of spiders like me.
3. Opposite you
User Image
Some girl who just LOVES fashion and makeup, and likes to wear bows. I also forgot to add on there that she LOVES sports, and wants to be a cheerleader.
4. Giant monster you
User Image
I WOULD be pretty mad if I got coal on Christmas... razz
5. Pirate you
User Image
Hey, if you're on a stranded island with no one else there, you can take off your shoes. biggrin
6. Inner physco you
User Image
Puh-lease. Would someone as nice as me be a physco? I think not.
7. Past you
User Image
I used to like to wear skirts. Who knew? I also liked to use my imagination and pretend to be stuff. Like I used to pretend to be a king (Hey, kings got paid more! =3= )
8. Future you
User Image
...My guess is that in the future, they've got genetics and DNA experiments done so they can alter human DNA just a bit to make neko people. Who can go into outer space.
9. Animal you
User Image
You see, I was going to do something lame like a cat fish (You know, the neko cosplay with a fish tail? biggrin -shot- ) but I switched to a crow because cat is too overused...
10. Business person you
User Image
I'd be one of those business people who go around to people's houses and asks them to buy stuff even though normal people hide from them. biggrin
11. Sugar you
User Image
I've recently realized that sugar does NOTHING to me whatsoever. I've been eating TONS of it lately and nothing's happened. confused Am I just weird or something?
12. Cosplay you
User Image
...Get it? It's Kagome from Inuyasha, my current anime obsession biggrin -shot again-
13. Stereotype you
User Image
I'd be one of those cool gaming nerds that dress up like wizards and dwarves and stuff and play Dungeons and Dragons (Of corse, I'd have to play the actual game to do that sweatdrop )
14. Opposite stereotype you
User Image
I don't think the rich, fancy prep stereotype would suit me very well sweatdrop
15. Princess you
User Image
Oh, dear god, I've created a monster. Poor tektek me crying
16. Prince you
User Image
For some reason, this was easier for me to make than the princess one...
17. WTF you
User Image
Can you believe that this shemxy person is in prison =3=
18. God/ Goddess you
User Image
It's the animal goddess! She protects the forest animals! (And Gimpi.)
19. Hobo you
User Image
The coolest darn hobo you'll EVER see! razz
20. (CYO) Mermaid you
User Image
Hahaha get it? I used my catfish idea from earlier rofl -shot for the third time-
***BONUS!*** Make a tektek comic about yourself and your friends explaining one of the situations above!

Well, you get the point. Have fun with it! biggrin


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