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Hi, I'm Stefani. For starters, you can call me whatever you want, but I really just prefer the user name, morkun. :-) Anyway, I'm just your average teenager with flaws and no narcissism. I'm 15 and a sophomore in high school-okay whatever. I have a passion for writing and drawing, they're something I can actually say I'm good at. So here's a little information about myself and my personality:


I don't believe in being mean or using ugly behavior towards other people. It's just not in me. But there are times when people begin to tick me off so bad there will be no way to hold that feeling in. I'm sure that won't be happening though. When I'm nice, I like to give people things-even randomly.


This is hard to believe. It doesn't look like I normally care about other people's feelings, but deep down I really do have a heart for it. I do this on purpose, so if I constantly get into your business it means I love and respect you that much.


It's hard, I know. Being stubborn is not the absolute personality to be proud of but that's who I am. I WON'T LISTEN... that's all it means. Whatever you think I should do, I won't do it. I like taking things my own way. Once I form an opinion, there will be nothing you can do to change my mind.


Just trust me


Okay, the way the friendship thing works, I don't accept random friends requests. Mainly because I need to get to know you first. I mean, I don't want to add a person who just wants to fill up their own friends list and never say hi at least. Just so you know, I will remove those of you who never bother talking to me. Sorry.


As you can hear, my music probably doesn't fit your interest. That's okay. I like a variety of music as long as it sounds catchy and awesome. But my favorite genre overall is rock/metal.

Any questions? PM Me! Thanks for stopping by!

Likes: Writing , drawing , reading (sometimes), singing, music, cute things (btw, I think erasers are cute ^^ weird yet?), monkeys, FOOD! , studying (I'm a proud nerd), quiet places, working, homework, funny people, green, sleeping, Spanish dramas on TV, hot weather (used to like cold), meeting new people, making people proud,sneakers, cleaning, and organizing..... more to come

Dislikes: Noise, snobby people, candy, making stupid mistakes, failing my classes,procrastinating, being alone, coming in last place (for anything), being ignored, being bothered when I'm working, laziness, bugs...more to come

Here's my dream avi:

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Total Value: 853,154 Gold
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Item List:
Carol of Ol' Ebenezer 4th gen.
Guitar of Demona
Elemental Wings
Captain Ara's Nestegg 3rd Gen.
Blue Alien Tattoo
Black Body Dye
Red Daruma Doll
Sharp Fish Teeth

Any donations will be welcomed and loved heart

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Thanks for stopping by!


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