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My name is Crystal, I'm 17 years old. I love to talk to people, who doesn't? My favorite color is pink, duh.

I like a lot of things. Music, reading, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Supernatural, Harry Potter, and dancing like I'm all alone, in a crowded room! lol

I have a lot of pent up anger. What can I say, I'm surrounded by stupid people.

My favorite show has been SuperNatural since I was 13 years old. I've never missed an episode. Dean Winchester and Castiel never fail to make me happy. You should really check the show out, Kripke is a genius. Don't try to skip though, start at season one or you will regret it. lol

Jensen Ackles is my favorite actor in the world. He is amazing and never fails to perfectly capture his characters mood. There's just something about his eyes when he acts, it's really easy to just believe that everything he's saying is real. You guys should really check him out, he's great.

Jared Padalecki too. He's another wonderful actor. I know both he and Jensen will have wonderful careers.

Harry Potter is worth all the hype. smile I avoided reading the last book to avoid finding out weither it was Fred or George who died, but I found out anyway. sad Fred and George were my favorite, espcecially Fred. Lets all just pretend the last book didn't happen, shall we?

And see, past all the things I love that aren't real, and people I'll never meet, I have wonderful friends.

My best friend in the whole world is Sarah, we're like sisters. We get along great, cause we're both mean as hell.

And my soul twin. We're really close too, we can laugh together about anything.

I have a few more super close friends that I would die for in a heartbeat. They know who they are and if you know me then you know who they are too.

Life's great. Enjoy every minute of it and don't take people around you for granted.

"Don't give me songs. Give me something to sing about."


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Hardgore_Alice Report | 03/16/2015 1:21 am
Dunno why Im messaging here after all this time...
I guess I have one last thing to put in, even now.
Ive waited quite a few years to get this off my chest... and I didnt know how to sum it up
until tonight.:

Sorry I was so childish.
And thank you, for being such a cold-hearted b***h.

They say what doesnt kill you makes you stronger.
Well, it killed me. The old me.
It killed me well.
It killed me over and over and over.
It killed me while you all were laughing.
It killed me each and every day for over a year.
I relied on all of you, after all.
And it took some time to fully realize the
filth in which Id found company,
the "friends" I had
were all smoke and mirrors.

The new me though?
Yeah, shes much stronger.

So thanks, cause if it wasnt for what you all did, I may not have become the awesome person I am today.
I really owe ya'll for that.

Once we said we would always stay together...
but Im so ******** glad we didnt. biggrin
Hardgore_Alice Report | 10/25/2012 2:15 pm
Just doing my daily rounds. Noticed your profile says your seventeen.
rc804 Report | 11/23/2011 12:57 pm
Hey there
Dashlae Report | 07/23/2011 10:37 pm
Thanks for buying.
Corpse of a burden child Report | 03/05/2010 10:45 am
You're 17.
rc804 Report | 01/22/2010 12:57 pm
hey u no u cant see anything but the background on ur profile right
Hardgore_Alice Report | 09/01/2009 7:37 am
_________________________$$$$$$ $$$$$!!
The Black Parade
AlexDudeAnder Report | 08/25/2009 6:10 pm
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Witchery Way Report | 08/17/2009 7:15 pm
Hey, Thanks For Buying My Valentines Day Gift Thing ^_^
Hachi_1829 Report | 07/29/2009 10:56 am
thanks for buying!

and i love you pro!!!
castiel is awsome!!!


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